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Monthly theme Seascape winners
Water covers 70% of the earth's surface and can inspire to unique photo opportunities. The latter fact is proved by the ingenious entries in the Monthly theme Seascape contest. Guest judge Krzysztof Browko has selected his three favourites. The rest of the positions have been decided through public voting.
The top three winners will receive photo equipment from NiSi. Here are the prices:

The 1st Prize:100 System V5Filter Holder + 100 System ND1000 (10 stops) 
Filter + 100 System Soft GND8 (0.9) + 100 System Square Filter Box + 1 Filter Cleaning Cloth. 
Total Value US$ 553

The 2nd Prize : 100 System V5 Filter Holder + 100 System Reserve GND8 (0.9) or 
100 System ND1000  + 100 System Square Filter Box + 1 Filer Cleaning Cloth. 
Total value US$ 393

The 3rd Prize: 100 System ND1000 (10 stops) filter + 100 System Square Filter Box. 
Total value US$ 305

We are very grateful over NiSi’s generous donations for this month’s contest. To read more about NiSi 
and their products, 
click here.

1st place
By Jean De Spiegeleer.
Judge's comment
In my opinion this is an absolutely perfect shot. Every part of this photo is connecting with each other. In this seascape, we get a fresh point of view.
2nd place
By Abi Danial.
Judge's comment
Classic composition. Excellent BW. Great mood. Nothing more, nothing less. A Great shot!
3rd place
By Nicolas Alexander Otto.
Judge's comment
In my opinion, this is a really good shot. Color, balance and composition of this photo is great. Congratulations!
Highest voted

By Ocky Ochtavian Watulingas.

By Isabel Guzman.

By Caroline Bomers.

By Janus.

By Philip Slotte.
By Paolo Presutti.

By Susan Breau.

By Paulo Remedios.

By Fabiola Amidei.
By Molvee Mahrizal.
Congratulations to all winners !!! Great job
Congratulations to all the winners and best voted. Nice work and a pleasure to see.
... you are very kind! :)) My heartfelt thanks for my share of the pie :)) I send you with gratitude my best wishes :)) Kind regards!
I congratulate the winners, I think they have been very good prizes awarded: That said, I send a special greeting to my dear friend Elizabeth. An affectionate greeting to all.
Querida amiga,... muchas gracias por este bonito detalle :)) Agradezco mucho tu amable felicitación ( por la parte que me toca) :)) Recibe con cariño mi gratitud y mejores deseos de felicidad :)) Besos por casa.
Congratulations to the winners! Great photos. It is a nice surprise and honour to be included in the list of highest voted. Many thanks. Cheers,
... I totally agree with you :)) Congratulations for being one of the lucky persons included in the list. Thank you very much for your kind congratulations :)) I send you with gratitude my best wishes :)) Kisses.
Splendid works... congratulations to the three winners and to all the photographers who have had their top rated works by members... I'm so happy to see my sesascape in this list, it's a nice surprise :-) I thank you, with all my heart, all of you who stopped there to look at and appreciate my work :-) Greetings to all :-)
Thank you very much for your warm congratulations :)) It makes me also very happy that your magnificent work had been one of the chosen ones: I feel very happy and honored of being with you in that list :)) I send you with love my gratitude :)) Congratulations! Have a Wonderful Week :)) Kisses.
Me too am very very happy that your fantastic work has been rewarded and to share with you this nice outcome :-))) Have a wonderful week to you too, dear Isabel, my kiss :-)
Thanks! :)) Have a Wonderful End of Week :)) Kisses.
It is nice to see your picture among the highest voted, because it is a great picture. Heartfelt congratulations!
Thank you very much, Tomasz, for your lovely words that I read with great pleasure. Thanks for that your so kind thinking, very appreciated... Best regards :-)
Congratulations to all winners !!! Great job ... Cheers, Yvette
Thank you very much for your kind congratulations (speaking for myself) I send you with gratitude my best wishes :)) Have a Wonderful Week :)) Kisses.
Thank you so much, dear Yvette, you're always so generous :-)
What a surprise! I had almost forgotten the contest :)) I am very grateful to all the people that thought my image deserved to be voted : you are making me feel very happy and honored :)).Thank you very much for that second marvellous place where your kind votes have placed me: a real honor! I also want to congratulate to the other twelve winners: all of you have wonderful works which deserve to have that special recognition :)). Believe me if I tell you that seeing your magnificent works make me feel specially honored that my image has been included among them; so thank you very much to all the friends who thought that my simple image deserved to be among the thirteen lucky winners :)) Thank you very much for having illuminated my day :)) I send to all of you with gratitude and affection my best wishes :)) Have a Wonderful Week :)) Kisses.
Congratulations,dear Isabel! :)
Congrats dear Isabel, greetings, raff
Thank you Julien and Raffaele: I am very grateful for your warm congratulations :)) Thank you very much to both of you for your valuable friendship. I send you with gratitude and affection my best wishes :)) Have a Wonderful Week :)) Kisses.
Rarely I look in the "Monthly theme", and here such a surprise. A properly - no surprise. The picture is excellent and the award is most appropriate. Congratulations!
Hello Tomasz, thank you very much for your encouraging words and kind congratulations: it is an honor to have a image among the magnificent works I see in the list :)) As you are a good friend, I know you feel happy for me; so I am very grateful for that :)) I send you with affection my gratitude and best wishes :)) Thanks! Have a Wonderful Weekend :)) Kisses.
Very strange and unfathomable landscapes and fantasy art finger stroking the day, Congratulations to the winners and thank everyone!
Thank you very much for your kind congratulations (speaking for myself). I send you with gratitude my best wishes :)) Have a Wonderful Week :)) Kisses.