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Check which photos you have in high res

You can now see which photos you have uploaded in high resolution (print version) in the info-menu in the tool bar below each photo. When you upload print versions in the cog wheel in the tool bar, please make sure to upload in the original resolution from camera without upsizing or downsizing. If you shot the photo in RAW upload a .tiff file with LZW-compression, otherwise please upload in .jpg. You can also upload in .jpg if the upload is very slow or not working for you.

Please make sure to upload high resolution print versions for all your photos made avaialbe as prints. Sometimes print orders are delayed because the photographer has not uploaded the high res files and are hard to reach and sometimes you might even lose an order because you have not already uploaded the high res.

Check if you have uploaded print version in "info".

Additionally, this new addition is a bit redundant as you can already check whether or not you have uploaded a print version of a photo. If you click the "cog" wheel and it says "Re-upload print version," you have already uploaded a print version. If it say "Upload print version," you have not uploaded a print version....quite obvious but worth mentioning. And I agree with the below comments, none of my info tabs indicate I have uploaded a print version (although I have uploaded print versions of them) and yet the cog wheel says "Re-upload print version." So that method remains the only reliable source for UN-published photos.
Yes, it's also possible to see in the cog wheel, however you can also see what resolution the hires has in the info panel. We are working on fixing the problem for all photos.
Don't forget if the file is over 200mb it will NOT upload. I had a .tiff file that was 247mb (even after lzw compression) that took a few HOURS to get to 90% complete...only to not finish uploading because the file was too large. If there was a "warning" on the upload page about the maximum file size that would help save a lot of time. Thank you.
Sorry about the trouble, we have now changed the upload limit to 300 mb, it should be enough for any file. Try to use LZW-compresison to keep the file size down a little.
I have re uploaded the print version of some of my photos and only the ones that have been curated show that there is a print version in Info.
Thanks for reporting, we are working on fixing this. It may take up to an hour after the file has been uploaded before the info appears.