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Nine days ago in Brussels

by Carla DLM 


by Sophie Voituron


It’s been already a week since the deadly attacks in Brussels. These probably are the most difficult days in Belgium in many years. 

Belgium is famous for its chocolates, waffles and beer. It is a beautiful country surrounded by medieval old towns and Flemish Renaissance architecture. A place that many people, including myself, would love to visit some day. 

Belgium became one of the latest target for the kind of violence we have witnessed all over the world. Innocent people have become victims and are still being targeted in many different countries. Sometimes it seems this will never end. We need peace and, despite our differences, we need to find kindness and love for each other in our hearts. 

Giving a humble tribute and love to our Belgian community, here is a beautiful selection of photographs from the 1X’s archives. 

Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
Alfred Stieglitz


by Sus Bogaerts



by Piet Flour



by Bruno Flour



by Gilbert Claes



by Luc Gindertael



by Marc Huybrighs



by Hilde Ghesquiere



by Harry Verschelden



by Jef van den Houte



by Jef van den Houte



by Yvette Depaepe



by Marc Apers



by Ben Goossens



by Piet Flour



by Delphine Devos



by Fernand Hick


Our hearts and thoughts are with all the victims of violence throughout the world and with their loved ones.


"Love, peace and hope for Brussels and the world" by Yvette Depaepe


This series of photos is very diverse and interesting start to see the architecture and street photography, conceptual and abstract ends, I must say that, for example, used his technical picture is wide angle lens of professional photographers is shown in these photos is another attraction. Thanks to ALL and I am very pleased with the selection of photos!
Thanks Mohammad .. All are very beautiful images. :)
Beautiful work, a lovely collection of images and a nice thing to do.
Many thanks Robert
Many compliments for this excelllent tribute!...
Many thanks Julien, my best wishes for you...
Great collection of images, good tribute and gesture. Hopefully there will be more peace, love and respect for each other in this world. Warm regards, Edith :-)
Maybe one day we can finally say...we live in peace. Until then... lets fill this world with positive thoughts and lots of art. :). My best wishes for you dear Edith :)
Yes, I hope so too and that sounds good to me dear Carla. Let's not forget LOVE. Without love there is no existence :-)
Thank you Yvette, I agree with Kim this would be a great regular tribute to the communities in pain be it from a human caused or nature caused tragedy.
Special thanks go to Carla, Rob !!! She took the initiative to write this tribute. You're right, we should do it more. Hoping we will not have to do it for tragedies with a human cause, and go together all over the world towards peace and love. Cheers, Yvette
Nice tribute
Many thanks Adrian, my best wishes for you.
Great collection of images from a great bunch of talented photographers....a shame about the sad context and backstory but hopefully the beautiful art on display will help bring somewhat of a smile to people's faces and hopefully will convince people that there are still plenty of good things and good people in this world despite some of the nastiness that we see taking place :-(
You are so right. This world would be so different if people use their mind to do good things. Maybe one day we can have peace. Human nature is sometimes difficult to understand. Wish you a lovely week Graham, and thanks for your kind words.
Splendid photographs! Perhaps we could do the same for Ankara and Istanbul if not other places too...let's harness the power of photography as you have done already....
Agree with you Kim, My best wishes for you.
Thank you, Massimo !
Many thanks Massimo :)
Great choice and sad reason. Hope we walk towards Peace. Thanks for the tribute. Regards!
Thanks my friends ...
Hope is what we still have. Maybe one day we can live in peace... Many thanks Ivaylo :)
Thank you, Joxe !
Thanks so much Joxe !
Thank you so much for this tribute Carla and Yvette .... Love your choice of photos and their placement ... from the splendour of the Brussels Grand Place to the love, peace, hope message. Warm greetings from peaceful Belgium.
Many thanks, Luc !
Thanks so much Luc!. I wish i could do a more. Sometimes I feel powerless with these events. My best wishes to you and your family.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart too... like Yvette said before... Carla and Thierry. It's a great tribute, indeed, for all people on Earth who suffer by repression, war and terrorism ... Very nice image of Yvette with a beautiful symbol of peace... Warm regards... Gil
Thanks, Gil ...
Thanks so much dear Gilbert. Just a humble tribute. My best wishes for you and your family. :)
The tragic events which follow those of Paris. Splendid images for this tragedy. Wholeheartedly with our Belgian friends !!!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Thierry !!! And thanks to Carla DLM for this beautiful tribute to all victims of terrorism. Cheers, Yvette
Thanks so much Thierry and a big thanks to you dear Yvette. My heart is with all the people that suffer this unjust violence.