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Here with a flash

Have you noticed that 1x runs faster and smoother these days? That's because we recently switched to cloud hosting, making 1x faster than ever before. 

Now 1x doesn't only have the finest photos online, but also the fastest loading. By using cloud hosting, 1x now works better in many areas of the world where you previously could experience slower performence.

To give you an idea how fast 1x is now, here are some photos that capture the essence of speed.


"A Smoother Road" by Paulo Abrantes.

"Speed of life" by Markus Studtmann.


"Pure speed" by Gerd Moors.
"Hurry up" by Leo Walter.

"Next stop" by Marius Noreger.
"Take off" by Mohammed Ainaser.

"Lines" by Marc Benslahdine.

"Country road at night" by Przemek Wielicki.
"La Giostra" by Massimo Della Latta.

"Jump up & lite up your life" by Willy Wang.


"Last train leaving" by Lev Tsimring.
By Pawel Popowicz.
By Pepe Murria.
Great images and they definitely capture the essence of speed and motion Thomas. As someone who works in the virtualization and cloud-computing industry (I work for VMware). I can definitely support and appreciate the move towards cloud hosting :-).
Thanks Graham! Yes, we are very pleased with the improvements.