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30 Fine Art Nude shots by 1x Artists

List and photographic thoughts by PhotographerNL 

Fine Art Nude is a wonderful and creative photographic genre, but it is also very challenging. Finding a model and a good location is only the beginning. The beauty and mood of this pictures doesn't portray what goes on behind the scene.

The beginner has to grow and gain experience. It is not a style you excel in from one day to another. Techniques and skills first have to be fully mastered and you have to learn how to photograph people. Fine Art Nude means that models expose themselves revealing their bodies in an intimate way and yet still have to be aesthetically perfect and subtle. Plan carefully your set-up so that you look professional and prepared which will put your model at ease. Be confident in your skills. If not, the results of your shoot might be disappointing to both, you and your model. It is essential that you are friendly and sure of your abilities during a photo session. Be professional!

Do everything you can to make the model comfortable.
Act professionally, don't stare at your model.
Make sure that you fully control your camera and that all your studio gear is working.
Share the results of your shoot with your model as they happen.
Think carefully about the set-up and the mood before you start.

1x has wonderful Fine Art Nude images in it's archives. They all have a unique look that makes them more than just technically perfect because many have a story or meaning.
I invite you to admire the works of talented 1x Fine Art Nude photographers.


by Jack Burger



by Baranyuk

"Triangle" by Barbara Stéger



by David Dubnitskiy



"We products" by Michal Zahornacky


"Driftwood" by JAE 



"Pride" by Aleksander Ikaniewicz



by Yaroslav Vasiliev-Apostol



"Mother" by Ketil Born



"Solitude3" by Ketil Born



by Pavol Titovich



"Cleo" by yurail



by Oleg Proydisvet



"The silence comes suddenly" by Natalia Drepina


"motif" by Miro Hvozdensky



"Four" by eldad pnini



"the souls of freedom" by Armands Grundmanis



"scarecrow" by dimas awang



"American apron" by foxharvard



"° !°" by Rolland Flinta



"^" by Anca Cernoschi



"drowned" by Anca Cernoschi



"Diversity" by Isaac Zidon



"Ties" by Vladimir Katiev



"omega" by adalena



"iron core" by Joerg Oestreich (check4newton)



"no regrets" by jevel



by j Burdych


great selection, thank you very much :)
Love all the photos.fantastic
Excellent selection!
excellent list
Thank you so much for the compliments you all.
Wonderful selection of fine art nude images!
what a beautiful inspiring selection!
I agree with you, Olga !!! Hidden jewels out of the 1x archives ... PhotographerNL (Marc) did a great job with such a fabulous list ! Cheers, Yvette