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NYC: Traditional photographic highlights

by Carla DLM

New York is probably at the top of the cities’s bucket list for many people in the world. This was certainly the case for me before moving here in 2014. For a photographer, this city is attractive in many ways. The photo opportunities here are limitless: from landscape and architecture, to street, portraits, wedding photography and much more. Competition is also fierce.



Planning to visit this city is a dream coming true for many of us, but it can also be challenging. Unfortunately, capturing everything in a short period of time is not always possible. Having lived here for two years, there are still places I haven’t discovered.

New York is one of the most touristic cities in the world and its streets can become crowded with people and traffic. I certainly didn’t like this initially. It took me some time to get used to it, but now I embrace it as a wonderful opportunity to capture unexpected views.





Empire State Building
Let’s start our journey with one of my favorite spots. The Empire State Building is the 31st  tallest skyscraper in the world and one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. It has appeared in countless movies and it’s beautiful and imposing from every angle.


by Carla DLM


There is a nice observatory at the top and the views of the city from it are beautiful, specially at sunset time.


by Marc Limbach


The observatory doesn't have windows. Instead, there’s a fence all around it. Unfortunately, tripods are not permitted. Every night, the top of of the building is illuminated with different color combinations, which are chosen to recognize various occasions and organizations. This beautiful spectacle of light is a distinctive signature of Manhattan, which can be appreciated from several points around the city. Every perspective is unique.


by Carla DLM

I personally prefer the view from the streets. You can find many interesting angles walking a few blocks from the building.


by Carla DLM



by Sebastien DEL GROSSO


y  Mathijs van den Bosch


One World Trade Center Observatory


by Carla DLM


The One World Trace Center is the sixth tallest building in the world. The viewing deck on the 100th floor offers a completely uninterrupted 360 degree panoramic view of the city. I love it! You can see absolute everything from there. The only two problems I found are that the only way to take pictures is through the glass windows and the use of tripods is also prohibited.
This building’s design is attractive from every angle. I’m sure it will inspire you in many ways.


by Carla DLM


9/11 Memorial Plaza



This memorial has the largest man-made waterfalls in the United States. It is crowded by tourist and locals almost every day. At night, the waterfalls are illuminated all around and the sight is mesmerizing. It is a must see place.

Top of the Rock Observatory
This place is my favorite so far.  It’s located in Mid-town Manhattan. It has a three level observation deck. The two top ones are my favorite: they don’t have windows. You can see the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center from one side,




by Wim Schuurmans

and the Central park and Washington Bridge from the other. What else can you ask for in New York City?


by Carla DLM

The waiting line moves faster than the ones at the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center. As in those two places, tripods are not allowed.

Times Square


by Carla DLM


I believe this is the most crowded place in the city. The light from the digital screens and billboards make you feel it’s always daytime. The buildings that surround the square are captivating in many ways. Using a tripod can be challenging at times due to the multitude, but it can be achieved with caution. It must certainly be paradise of selfie sticks!


by Javier de la Torre


Flatiron Building


by Carla DLM


The Flatiron Building is a unique landmark. It is surrounded by two of the main avenues in the city: Broadway and 5th Avenue. The architecture of this building is exquisite. If you carry a zoom lens with you, you’ll be delighted, this building is all about details.


by Carla DLM

There are many beautiful angles that can be captured in this building. Finding the perfect shot is just about letting your photographer’s eye wander around it.


by Michael Jurek


Brooklyn Bridge
Walking across this bridge is breathtaking.


by Adam Callen


Everything is so picturesque and the views of the Manhattan skyline are stunning.


by Mabry Campbell


Winter time can be very cold for this walk, but it’s definitely my favorite time to cross the bridge.


by Milton Mpounas


Manhattan Skyline


by Mabry Campbell


Manhattan’s skyline it is by far one of the most beautiful ones in the world. The photography opportunities are limitless from all the places that surround Manhattan Island.

My favorites places for capturing this view are  Brooklyn,


by Jesús Rubio


and Union City, New Jersey; but If you have some money to spare, helicopters are the best.


by Michael Jurek 


Statue of Liberty.
The Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island, which can only be accessed via a ferry cruise


by Carla DLM


The ferry ride offers many opportunities to photograph the city and the statue from a nice distance.


by Carla DLM


There are many different point of views you can capture in this place. Just let you point of view do the job.


by Carla DLM


All of these places should definitely be on your list while visiting the city.

In my next article, I’ll talk about some other places around the city … those not so well-known jewels awaiting to be discovered by your lens. 

Complimenti a tutti. Carla Fantastic.
Grazie molto. Vi auguro una bella settimana Massimo :)
Carla, I enjoyed reading your article and seeing your photos, through your perspective and artistic/conceptual sensibilities. I think the series shows just how diverse and complex the city is--and how culturally rich it is. I only live a few hours away, but want to visit more often than I do. Your photos have inspired me to plan a trip. Thanks, Steve
So nice of you ! Very glad you like it. NYC can't disappoint anyone :). The weather is not that good these days, but still is beautiful. Wish you a lovely week :)
Nice article and I have enjoyed every line. Nyc is at number one on my wish list of cities to visit. It is not possible right now. I think your photos of the city is amazing and unique. I'm sure I could find many opportunities for pictures, from a dark alley to the highest peak. :-) I look forward to your next article. Best Regards Leif
Many thanks Leif for your kind words. I am pretty sure you will find your own views when you visit here. I would love to see that! Everyday is different here, many things to do, many activities around... . Still there are many places I could not visit ... I hope one day i can say.. i know almost everything in NY. :). Wish you a lovely night/day :)
Great and interesting article dear Carla and great images too. The only time I was in New York was with 9/11, so at that time I didn't take many photographs. Would love to go back and see it in a different and more happy way. Looking forward to your next article! Thanks for sharing and take care! Cheers, Edith :-)
I used to live here from 2002 to 2004. Since then, many new constructions all around (I love that). The city keeps its usual charm and that thing that seduce everyone to visit, but It has changed through the years for the years. If you visit again let me know, it would be a pleasure to have you around :). Thanks for your lovely words, wish you a very nice night/day :)
Dear Carla, you still live in New York? If you do, we can meet someday soon and photograph together. It would be great meeting you. Love and hugs, Edith :-)
I live 30 mins from Manhattan :). If you are around.. yes would be a pleasure :). My weeks are a bit complicated, but i can certainly get some free time :).
I will let you know, when I plan to visit New York again. Enjoy your weekend dear Carla and take care :-)
Fine and interesting article, Carla !!! Great images to document it ... If I could, I would fly straight away to NYC. Looking forward to the "not so well-known jewels" article to come. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks for your kind words dear Yvette. If you can come, just let me know :).