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Monthly theme Flowers winners
Do photographers have green fingers? At least that seems to be true for 1x photographers. Guest judge Mandy Disher has had a hard task selecting the top three winners. The rest of the positions have been decided through public voting.

The 1st prize winner doesn't receive any flowers, but $250 in cash! Congratulations!
1st place

By Martin Hardman.

Judge's comment
A small star shaped beauty bursting forth before us, shouting “I’m here, look at me”. The vibrant colour and strong shape immediately caught my attention, yet there is a a lovely delicate and calm feel to this image too. It has a poetic quality to it and a wonderful sense of movement created by the leaves beautifully framing the the floral heart, a beautiful and joyous capture, I love it.

2nd place
"Calle flowers" by Mystic Light (Piga&Catalano).
Judge's comment
This is so beautifully taken, precise and perfect in all aspects, the exposure, the focus, the composition and the lighting, flawless. I’m drawn to the strong shape of these beautiful blooms that are almost touchable against the wonderful softness and quiet colour palette which works so well here. A scene full of interest and beauty, I could take this in all day.
3rd place
"Autumn flowers" by Roberto Parmiggiani.
Judge's comment
This didn’t jump out at me from the thumbnail view but seen larger revealed the true beauty of this magical shot, the understated colour is perfect, the morning sun backlighting natures jewels creating a wonderful atmosphere, an image showing us great natural beauty at it’s best.
Highest voted

By Martin Rak.

By Orkidea White
By Frank Smedts.

By Aida Laneva.
By Fred Zhang.
By Roberto Marchegiani.
By Art Whitton.

By Martha Lopez.

By Marcus L. S..
Congratulations to all winners !!! Great job
Congratulations to all the winners Every one of the images is a work of art. Oustandign quality in all of them. My respects
Congratulations for such a top level art meeting.
Outstanding performance by all! Well, well, well!
Congrats to all!
Photography of flowers is very refreshing and exhilarating Apart from special effects to convey the feel and smell, Congratulations to the winners and thanks a lot THOMAS!
I can't but thank a lot lot lot Mandy for the choice, I'm the second place, with the Calle photo (Mystic Light)
Congratulations !!
Congratulations to the winners. All so beautiful!!
Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to Mandy for doing such a great judging job. Cheers, Yvette
Evan Oz CREW
Thanks, Mandy, for judging, and to all who voted. Very fine choices in the flowers monthly contest. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for the lovely images you've shared.
Congratulations to the people whose beautiful images are shown above: they are all marvellous works and deserve to be there :)) Have a Wonderful Week :)) Best regards!