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Monthly theme Landscape winners

Yes we know. The wait has been long and hard, but we are glad to finally publish the winners of the Landscape theme contest.

Landscape is a very appreciated genre on 1x and many 1x landscape photographers are of absolute world class. One of them is Marc Adamus, who was kind enough to be the guest judge for this theme. He has selected the top three winners and the rest of the positions were as always decided through public voting.

The 1st prize winner receives $250 in cash, as well as one of the most advanced camera backpacks on the market; the Rotation180° Panorama 22L from ThinktankphotoThis backpack will provide you with easy access to your gear when you are out in the field.

The intuitive design lets you put on the pack and forget about it, yet everything is right there when you need it. Compact and lightweight, it holds your essential photo gear, as well as a tripod, clothing, your lunch and more.

We would like to thank Thinktankphoto for donating this amazing prize!

And the winners are..


1st place

"Horizons" by Martin Rak.



2nd place
"Magical trails of mist" by Amir Bajrich.
3rd place
"Tetons and The Snake River" by Michael Delman.
Highest voted

By Ivan Slosar.


By K. zia.


By Giovanni Tabbi.


By Nikita Smeshko.


By Lorenzo Mattei.

By Soheil Yadegari.
By Snowstorm in the Alps.

By Patrick Zhu.
By Raffaele Corte.
By Francesco Santini.
Very good works. Congratulations.
Tough choice because all pictures are good ... I congratulate all of you winners, because they have deserved. Warm greetings to all.
Congratulations to all of you, well done
Very good works. Congratulations.
Congratulations to all of you, well done!
Congratulations to the winners and highest voted images !!! Thanks to the guest judge, Marc Adamus. Splendid photographs ... Cheers, Yvette