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Discover the sublime world of Mother Nature

by Yvette Depaepe


"Heaven on Earth" by Marc Adamus


The untamed beauty of Mother Nature is a constant source of satisfaction for many in the modern world.  With the shadow of civilization rapidly encroaching on natural spaces, capturing this scenery is extremely important, now more than ever.

Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, animals, plants and close-ups of natural scenes.

Nature photographers pay a lot of attention to location, light and technique.
But the most important element of their work is the connection with the place or scene.  Trying to understand why the location or subject is special and compelling, trying to capture the spirit.

Thus, key words are: FAMILIARITY and FASCINATION!
You have to be truly fascinated to be able to really connect to the spirit.
The more we are able to form connections, the more the image will reveal beauty and character.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the sublime world of Mother Nature and take a journey through the amazing work of accomplished 1x nature photographers ...


"Lavender Heaven" by Lars van de Goor



"Ballerina" by Andiyan Lutfi



"The Flying Frog" by Yusri Harisandi



"Partners" by Bragi Ingibergsson



"Energy" by Matija Sculac



"Double Hump" by Verdon



"Howling Corp III"  by Sebastian Graf



"Aurora Borealis" by Eirik Holm



"Time for You to go" by Fabien Bravin



"Sardines Tornado" by Henry Jager



"Whipped Cream" by Martin Rak



"Once in a Life Time" by Marina Cano



"Hommage to the Mountain" by Marc Adamus



"Morning light" by Fahmi Bhs



"Zensation" by Yvette Depaepe



"The leader of tomorrow" by Antje Wenner



"S" by Mohammadreza Momeni



"At the edge of the world" by Chris Kaddas



"Air Snowy - Snowy Owl" by Jim Cumming



"Unusual morning" by Sergey Kokinskiy




"The encounter" by Jimmy Hoffman



"Romania" by Alexandra Fira


Really enjoyed paging through these wonderful images... Regards, Mike
Yvette thank you for these extraordinary images, she is beautiful our planet under the eye of these talented photographers. Greetings dear Yvette !!!
Thanks for your compliment, Thierry !!! All credits go to the 1x photographers here !
verdon PRO
Thank you for choosing my picture, best regards!
Absolutely stunning!!
A fabulous collection of nature at its best!
Wonderful selection,Yvette!
You all are great artists, Jimmy !!!
Incredible picture, a pleasure for eyes, thank you for selection !
a splendid collection of stunning images !
Thank you, Hans Martin !!! So many talented nature photographers on 1x ...