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Phase One launches a true 100MP medium format camera


For more than 20 years Phase One have been pushing the limits of digital image quality.. With the XF 100MP Camera System, everything Phase One have been working on finally comes together in one system. Ultimate Image quality combined with the ultimate creative freedom to create new masterpieces.



Taking medium format photos above 60 megapixels has typically required some trickery, like shooting multiple pictures at a time. However, you won't have to 'cheat' with Phase One's new XF 100MP camera system. As the name suggests, the hardware uses a full-fledged 100-megapixel CMOS sensor (co-developed with Sony) that captures a massive amount of detail in one shot. Moreover, the output will be more likely to please you if you still prefer film.

This is the first CMOS sensor to output richer 16-bit color, and Phase One is promising a natural look that you sometimes miss from 14-bit cameras. You don't have to shoot in perfect lighting, either, since it produces "clean" shots from ISO 50 all the way to ISO 12,800.

The XF 100MP is not a trivial purchase even for pros used to shooting with Hasselblads and Leafs. At $48,990, this is really for top-tier, no-compromise photographers that want to preserve every single detail. Even so, you may appreciate the difference the next time you see a close-up portrait or dramatic landscape in ads and magazines.

XF 100MP Camera Systems video


XF 100MPFull Frame Medium Format CMOS Perfection
The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System offers the same great advantages of full frame usability with the added benefits of CMOS. No lens crop factors, no focus screen masks, just uncompromised image quality from edge to edge.

Phase One Color Perfection
Phase One hardware ensures that not only accurate colors are delivered but that customized, pleasing and dynamic file render are emphasized. The Phase One Color is not just a science but a passion that runs deep at Phase One. 

16 bit analogue feel
With the introduction of 16-bit Color Depth, coupled with CMOS ISO flexibility, the XF 100MP delivers a natural texture and tonal feel never before seen in digital camera system. For photographers striving for perfection, 16-bit Color is an essential addition to the versatility and resolution of the XF 100MP Camera System.

15 stops of dynamic range
The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System delivers an unparalleled 15 stops of dynamic range, retaining unmatched detail in both highlights and shadows.  This is the highest performing system in terms of dynamic range that the Medium Format world has to offer.

Clean ISO from 50 - 12800
By combining new sensor technology and years of experience in noise suppression through Capture One software, the Phase One XF 100MP ISO range delivers unparalleled creative freedom and performance in all shooting conditions.  With a previously unthinkable base ISO of 50, the Phase One XF 100MP delivers the flexibility of longer exposures and unrestricted use of fast lenses, all while providing the cleanest possible results.  Expanding on CMOS technology, the XF 100MP can offer higher ISO versatility and, with Capture One software, retain excellent noise suppression and file render.

60 minute exposures
The new XF 100MP System delivers extreme long exposures of up to 60 minutes in full 100MP resolution.  The IQ3 100MP is yet again the first of its kind to offer such flexibility in a creative tool.  With no compromise in ISO flexibility and exposure limitation, all available on full frame CMOS sensor, the possibilities for top photographers are endless.

Electronic First Curtain Shutter
The addition of "Electronic First Curtain Shutte" to the XF 100MP Camera System means a further reduction in adverse vibration effects on high resolution images.  The benefi of EFCS is a significant reduction in camera vibration as it allows less mechanical dependency, which greatly improves sharpness when using Vibration Delay or activating Mirror Up.




Wow Yvette, we'd better start saving ;) Grtz, Nick
Yes, Nick !!! Unfortunately my photo friend from North America didn't win the "power ball" ... He promised to buy me one if he won (LOL). What a camera, isn't it ... (Niet voor gewone stervelingen als jij en ik weggelegd).
Goedemorgen Yvette, Dat is pech .... Nee, helaas niet! En wat een krachtige computer zou je ook moeten hebben om de files te bewerken, Gr, Nick