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Inspirational Creative Edited Photography

by Yvette Depaepe

Photographers tend to post-process their photos in a program like Photoshop or similar ones, to stylize them and to add to them a more intense effect.  In most cases, these techniques are very subtle and you rarely notice them unless you also see the raw images.

But there are times when photographers do even more with their photos.  They edit these beautiful pieces in such a way that you are wondering what label you may want to add to them: Photography or Photo Manipulation.

Today, Photo Manipulation or Creative Edited Photography is widely accepted as an art form. It is an art where ordinary photos have been transformed into something alluring, unexpected and totally out of the box. An art which twists our understanding of the world and turns reality into fantasy, a realm into which we can disappear. 

As an art it is also made for participation of the viewer.

Be a creative explorer, walk through your own imagination while admiring this compilation of mind blowing images by talented 1x members... 

And keep in mind the quote by Albert Einstein, very appropriate for photography as an art form : 

~Creativity is intelligence having fun~


"A tribute to Salvador Dali" by Alessandro Petrini



"Acrobats" by Dariusz Klimczak



"APPASSIONATA" by Derek Galon



"Bodies Mask" by DDiArte



"Cheeky Hanger" by Ross Oscar



"Creme De Le Creme" by Pauline Pentony
"Guitar" by Irina Kuznetsova

"Poker Face" by Ian Munro

"Liberté d'Expression" by Christophe Kiciak



"Story of the black sparrow" by Hardibudi



"The sketches inside me" by Sebastien DEL GROSSO



"Stroll" by Tommy Ingberg



"Thieves in the Temple" by Michael Bilotta



"I can't find myself" by Lucynda Lu



"Wal(b)rus(hing)" by John Wilhelm
Some very inspirational images, many thanks Yvette for your efforts.
Outstanding collection of beautiful minds!
Thanks for your appreciation, Elias!