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Monthly theme Metropolis winners
The results from the Monthly theme Metrolpolis are just in. As always, there were many amazing photos among the submitted entries. We all know how many extraordinary 1x photographers there are in the architectural and cityscape genres, so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise. It's however great to see all these new photos that aren't published on 1x, but certainly have good chances to be. 

The top three winners have been selected by our guest judge Jose C. Lobato. The remaining positions have been decided through public voting.

The 1st prize winner Carmit Rozenzwig receives no less than $250 in cash for her impressive photo "Locked in civilization". Great work Carmit!
All The top three winners will also receive 1-year scholarships at SkillshareSkillshare is an online learning community with over one million contributors globally. They provide high quality video tutorials in all fields imaginable, including photography. For everyone who is interested in improving their skills in a specific genre, such as Street photography, Skillshare can provide both knowledge and inspiration.

Congratulations everyone!

1st place
"Locked in civilization" by Carmit Rozenzwig.
Judge's comments
An image with a great visual impact. The chopped structures bring an enormous strength to the scene, assisted by a very successful combination of colors. Simply extraordinary.
2nd place
"Morning silence" by Martin Rak.
Judge's comments
A lovely scene that reminds me of the best urban landscapes of the twentieth century. Softness in the shapes and tones. A picture that is so bright that it transmits peace and quiet, something not usually found in cities.
3rd place
3rd place "Under the bridge" by Santiago Pascual Buye.
Judge's comments
An excellent composition, well balanced, with the two main structures taking us through the whole scene. Great photographer's eye and skill in editing.
Highest voted

By Eser Karadag.

By Peter Sticza.
By Simon Pearce.
By Andreas Feldtkeller.

By La Taverne aux images.
By Pawel Majewski.

By Raffaele Vallone.
By Jean De Spiegeleer.

By Michele Loi.
Congratulations to all of you, well done
Tomas Brindt thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with 1x in this magnificent section which is the monthly theme. And congratulations to all profiled in this month and especially the winner. It is always amazing to stand out from so many magnificent works. Greetings to all.
My best compliments to the winners, the owners of the most voted images and to Jose for his great job as a guest judge !!!
What an honor!! thank you so much!!
Congrats to all and congrats to Jose for the excellent selection, greetings, raff
Big congrats to the winners, excellent contributions!