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Happy Holidays!

We on 1x would like to wish you all a happy holiday season! To help get you in the right mood, here are a few holiday themed photos from the 1x gift bag. Perhaps you will have the chance to take a few holiday themed photos of your own? Then don't forget to submit the best one to the Monthly theme.

Happy holidays everyone!

"Christmas" by Elena Alazina.

"Christmas" by Octyee.

"Christmas Squirrel" by Mircea Costina.

"Lady of December's tree" by Kiyo Murakami.

"Christmas is coming" by Magdalena Wasiczek.

"You and I" by Leonie Kuiper.
"Christmas Surprise" by Juan Osorio.
"The greatest season" by Petra Kozina Halcakova.
"World's Top Train - Bernina Express" by Roberto Sysa Moiola.
Feliz año y buena creatividad, un abrazo a todos.
Happy new year for everyone have a peace and no war year in Palestine and Syria and every where that attacked by real terrorists.
May i wish you all a fantastic 2016! Grtz, Nick
Happy New year everyone!!
happy new year to all
Happy New Year everyone! Let's make it the best year ever!
Happy New Year for 1x community!
Happy New Year and a great 2016 to all of you... :-)
A Happy New Year to all friends at the 1x community!! Cheers, Bjorn.
Mera Christmas to 1x team and a great and happy New Year.
Thank you ... and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and all of the 1x crew!!
Merry Christmas to all 1x.
Merry Christmas and some good light in 2016!
Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and very creative 2016 to all at 1X!!! Kind regards, Edith :-)
Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016 to all at 1X ! Cheers, Hans-Martin
Merry Christmas and a happy sparkling bursting & cracking 2016 to everyone in our great 1x community ... Cheers, Yvette
Collected an interesting collection THOMAS! Happy new year and BRAVO!