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Final week on 1x Photo Awards!


We are now approaching the finish line. It's the final week to submit entries to the 1x Photo Awards 2015. Then our judge Kim Hubbard from National Geographic, will start to look for the winners.

The grand prize winner will get no less than $10.000! It's enough money to buy world class photo equipment, go on a photo journy around the world or simply let you focus on photography for quite some time. There are lots of other great prizes as well. Cash prizes, books, memberships and photo equipment for a total value of $21.000 shall be distributed among the winners.

We want as many as possible to take the opportunity and participate in 1x Photo Awards 2015. You can now send in your submission for only 19 USD/EUR. That's a 25% discount.

The contest will be closed for entries on the 21st of December. You have to submit all your photos before then.

To submit a photo to the 1x Photo Awards 2015. Click here.


Great choice of image, indeed !!! You couldn't find a better one, Thomas ;-)
This image is one of those published in the very beginning of 1X (2007) ! Never seen it before because I joined 1X six years after publishing. Thanks for digging it out !
An oldie, but a goodie! And very suitable for this post.