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Winter wonderlands
We are now in December and for some of us, this means the privilege (or curse) to get some snow. 1x photographers are not afraid to get cold and there is plenty of photographic evidence to prove it. Here are just a few.  


"The Endpoint" by Jeannette Oerlemans.
"Fairytale Fox" by Roeselien Raimond.


"SP 638" by Moreno Geremetta.


"Snowy Owl" by Mircea Costina.


"Winter" by Jure Kravanja.


"It's time to go" by Vito Guarino.


"World's Top Train - Bernina Express" by Roberto Sysa Moiola.


"National Park Berchtesgadener Land" by Christian Bothner.


"Snowstorm" by Bragi Ingibergsson - BRIN.


"Love" by Armonti Mardoyan.


"Fight Club" by Mircea Costina.


"Winter draws" by Svetlana Kvashina.


"Wind resistance" by Sandi Bertoncelj.


"Fallow deer in the frozen winter land" by Allan Wallberg.


Winter light" by Norbert Maier.


"winter" by ervin kobakçi.


"Crater Lake
" by Marc Adamus.


"Winter's Beauty" by Radu Carnaru.


"Charm of winter" by Marco Barone.


"Brocken Train" by Ralph Graef.
Very good selection of winter 'magic' Thomas! Grtz, Nick
Choose a subject very pleasant winter related photos and this diverse and beautiful images taken so that each viewer brings to ecstasy. Thanks a lot THOMAS and BRAVO!
Great selection of winter images Thomas and congratulations to all! :-)
Thank you Edith. There are so many great photos, so it's really difficult to make a selection.
Great compilation of Winter Wonderland images, Thomas !!! Congrats to all ...
Thanks Yvette
Excellent selection, Thomas ! Last winter regrettably there were only very very few days with some snow in our town.
Well, some days are better than no days. In Sweden we are having more rain than snow at the moment.
You're right, Thomas. At the moment however (in December) it would be very unusual to have snow here in Germany. Mostly snowing starts (if ever) in late January or February. Having snow on Christmas is absolutely seldom the case. I remember, in my childhood things were very different. So, it's absolutely right what Bob Dylan sang in 1964: The Times They Are A Changin'.