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Inspirational Architecture and Abstract Photography

by Yvette Depaepe

Architecture is an incredibly fascinating area of design.  The seemingly impossible physics, the play of light, the masculine textures, it all comes together to create an incredible sense of fantasy and wonder.

Black waves by Jef Van den Houte

Architectural photography is the art of observation.  It is about finding something interesting in an ordinary place … It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.  It may be austere, abstract, B&W or color.  But its magic is highlighted and even amplified significantly when presented in the right way.

* Think Differently
* Master Symmetry
* Look Up
* Twist that Camera
* Lighting is Everything

Architectural photographers enable us : they have saved us the countless hours of traveling, searching and waiting for ideal weather and perfect light.  The work of these keen eyes abstracts, animates, and valorizes everyday structures – grandeur and benign alike.  Some of the photographers imbue their images with the massive weight of the concrete and industrial metal of their subjects.  Others capture a delicate play of light and shadow or the caustic relationship between man, nature, and the building.  They privilege us by pointing to beauty in banality, addity, reality, and sometimes the imaginary, and remind us to meditate on a good building next time we see one.

Enjoy this wonderful quote from John Kosmopoulos,  international award-winning photographer specializing in Architecture, Abstract, Long Exposure & Fine Art Photography: “Architectural photography is like listening to Mozart or Miles Davis to me, abstract photography is like translating a novel written in the language of quantum mechanics and Long Exposure photography is like standing in a photograph of an eternal Proustian memory, cocooned by a harmonious silence”.  Remember:  Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication!

Reflections by Hans Martin Doelz



Black Mirror by Yoshihiko Wada



City of darkness by Markus Studtmann

Cloud Attack by Jeroen van de Wiel

Continuation by Jacqueline Hammer

Exception by Gerard Jonkman
Invisible Parallel by Franklin Neto
Like a harp's strings I by Julia Anna Gospodarou

Lines by Jure Kravanja

Endless Walk 1 by Hilde Ghesquiere

Living in Boxes by Kent Mathiesen

Minimalismus and Simplicity by Stefan Krebs

Munich 2013 by Ben van der Sande

The ceiling by Huib Limberg
Stair - Beauty by Henk  van Maastricht

The window and the mirror by Gilbert Claes
The long dark by Paulo Abrantes
The Maze by Jose Beut

Portal to Silver Mountains by Dr Akira Takaue
Interesting article again Yvette! Great examples as well, Grtz, Nick
Thanks for your appreciation, Nick !
Wonderful selection of photographs Yvette and nice reading. Congratulations to all, well done!!
Thank you in the name of all the phographers, Edith !!!
Dear Yvette ! Reading your superb and fascinating story is a great pleasure. I really enjoy it and your great selection. I also can really hardly believe that you have chosen one of mine. It is a very great honour for me. I can only say a big and heartful 'Thank YOU'. Kind regards, Stefan
Thanks, dear Stefan !!! There is so much talent here on 1x. Cheers, Yvette
A great collection, Yvette and wonderful written. I'm so glad to see my picture in this article between the real architecture photographers. Many thanks Yvette
Thanks for your compliments, Hilde !!! Thanks to all of you for your contribution ....
Great selection: I am pleased to exhibit between these kind of 'tophits" Regards, Huib
Thanks for your kind reply Huib and congrats to all !!!
The photographer's camera features modern architecture with perfect composition to the eye and say very experienced and well versed in this directory, Thanks to all and BRAVO!
Thanks for your appreciation in name of all, Mohammad.
Many thanks, Yvette, I was really surprised to see my "reflections" in this interesting short essay about architectural photography. I feel very honored ! A fine selection of excellent photographs. Congrats to all ! Cheers, Hans-Martin
Thanks for your fine reaction, Hans Martin. Cheers, Yvette
wonderful written Yvette and thanks for choosing my picture between all those beautys
Thanks for your compliment, Gerard ! And congrats for yours being selected. Cheers, Yvette
Lovely collection of inspiring photos! Some of these I haven't seen before. Very grateful to have one of mine included.
Glad to hear that you discovered images you never saw before, Jacqueline !!! Congrats with yours ... Cheers, Yvette
That my image is chosen, gives me the courage to go on. Thank you, Yvette.
Thanks for your reply, Ben !!! Glad to hear that it stimulates to go on. Cheers, Yvette
honored to see one of my pictures side to side to others that I love so much from such great photographers. congrats, Yvette
Thank you, Paulo !!! It was hard to make a selection. So many talented photographers on 1x ... Cheers, Yvette