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Superman caught vandalizing

Canadian photographer Daniel Picard had spent years doing portrait photography, when his eyes one day fell on to the massive collection of pop culture action figures that he had in his home. An idea to combine the two appeared and now that idea has led to an extremly popular photo series, exhibitions and a new photo book.

By using highly detailed models and clever camera work, Daniel manages to put well known characters in situations that we normally don't see them in. We get to see Superman make his own style of graffiti, the Joker shopping for a Batman Halloween costume and we even get to follow Darth Vader into the bathroom.

His models are usually in 1:6 scale and twelwe inches tall, but appear much larger due to their position in front of the camera and the surroundings.

All photos are now available in his new book "Figure Fantasy". You can find Daniel Picard's website here.


Great sense of humor and cleverly done! Thanks for introducing Daniel to me (us) Thomas, Grtz, Nick