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Monthly theme Metropolis


The theme this month got off to a late start, due to the release of our new 1x Portfolios. We hope that won't discourage you from uploading your unpublished photos.

Last month's theme was Landscape, but now It’s time to leave the open fields and get back into the big city. The theme for November is Metropolis. It’s a theme that allows you to bring your camera up on high points to capture beautiful cityscapes, but also to get down on the ground and document life on the streets.

The 1x prize is as usual $250 in cash. The top three winners will also receive 1-year scholarships at SkillshareSkillshare is an online learning community with over one million creators globally. They provide high quality video tutorials in all fields imaginable, including photography. For everyone who is interested in improving their skills in a specific genre, such as Street photography, Skillshare can provide both knowledge and inspiration.

No contest is complete without a guest judge and the judge for this theme is no less than Jose C. LobatoWith his soulful depictions of city environments, he is one of 1x’s most appreciated photographers in the genre. His extensive experience in both Street and Architectural photography, makes him the perfect judge for the Metropolis theme.

We are looking for ward to see your new metropolic masterpieces. You can upload your photos here.