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Winners of Monthly theme Birds

Due to the release of the new 1x Portfolios, the results from the Monthly theme contest were postponed. Fortunately, it was worth the wait. Bird photography is a difficult art and its very impressive to see how many extraordinary entries there were in this contest.

Guest judge Alfred Forns had the daunting task to select the top three winners. The 1st place winner will receive $250 in cash and all the top three winners will receive the new processing software from Pixelmator. The rest of the positions have been decided by public voting.

1st place

"The Heron
" by Miraks.
Judge's comments
A classic bird portrait with meticulous attention to detail. It also has a great mood.


2nd place

"Swan" by Dubravko Vutuc.

Judge's comments
The photo goes beyond just capturing the bird. It has excellent mood and framing.

3rd place

"Hierarchy" by Félix Morlán González.
Judge's comments
The photo has an intense interaction. There is an effective separation between the birds. It's sharp and has good impact.
Highest voted

"Great Gray Landing" by Greg forcey.

"A brand new day" by Riccardo Braga.

"Dialog" by Arkadius Makowski.

"Technicolour" by Jaco Marx.

"Fly !" by Ikuo Iga.

By zeynel erden.

"Fish hunter" by Petar Sabol.

"Street view b/n" by Fernando Amato.

"L'envol" by Florence Menu.

"Go Away" by Marco Roghi.

"The last Flight" by Mahfuz Hossain.

"Colorful flight" by Ibrahim Canakci.
Wonderful images!, Congratulations everybody.
Congratulations to all of you, well done
Great photos, amazing moments, congratulations to all the winners!
Amazing images.Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everybody for making my image be part of this. Thanks 1x
Wonderful images! Happy to be part of it. Compliments!
My best compliments to the winners and the wonderful work of all participants !!! Thank to Al for the excellent judging !
some really impressive images - thank you for your inspiration
Congratulations everybody, well done! :-)
congratulations everybody... and also to Alfred for an amazing curation work.
Congratulations to the winners and Congratulations Alfred Forns for your responsability and excellent choices!
Weird and wonderful world of birds, I was really excited to see photos!BRAVO!
Big congrats to all the excellent winners and thanks Alfred for judging!
Thanks Ralf, appreciated !!!
great images ! congrats to all who were involved !