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A look at some great 1x portfolios

We are very happy that so many have created new 1x Portfolios and appreciate the service. It's great to see all the amazing portfolios that have appeared in less than a day. We would like to show some of them to you. Simply click on the  cover photos below to get to the portfolios. Remember that you can also use an iPad or smartphone when admiring the photos.

1x Portfolios has been designed to present your photos as stylish as possible, but still be extremly easy to use. If you want to create a 1x portfolio on your own, now is an excellent time to do so. Right now we have a special offer that allows you to buy a Pro membership for only €/$4.99 per month. You save 44% by taking advantage of this offer. Besides your own 1x portfolio with a personlized URL address, you will also get 10 curation uploads per week and access to our educational platform 1xLearning. You will find the offer here.






I do not understand why I have two icons for my profile one is right while the other is a black shape, you can oglierla Thank you
When I set up my portfolio the first time there was an option to import 1x photos, but I don't see that option anymore. Is the only way to add new photos to the portfolio by uploading them? Or is there a way to import my 1x photos to the portfolio?
Hi! Is it possible to use/upload personal html templates on portfolios?
How do you access portfolios from ?
Hi! I like the idea about portfolious, but is there any option to transfer my albums from pixu (1x) personal hompage? I can`t choose that option.
If I change my Name in my profile, is there any way of propagating it to the portfolio?
Hi again Fred, You can change the Portfolio name in settings. If you want to change your username on 1x, please send me an Email at [email protected].
Yes, i agree with Fred; how can we mark "google analytics" ? Thanks
Hi Francois, You need a Google Analytics ID to start using it. For more information, see this link:
A excellent start. It would be nice if we could customise the size of the thumbnails. Also would be great if it could provide some statistics. Also is there a simple way to explain what the 'google analytics' does and how to us it?
Hi Fred, Thanks for the suggestions. We will add new customization options over time. You can use the Google Analytics tool to get statistics. You can get more information on how to use Google Analytics here:
Hello Thomas, 1x portfolio, a very nice an easy way to show our photos ! I need an authentification to transfer my portfolio on another domain buy at dotster. Can you help me ? Greetings
Hello Francois, The authentication has been made.
Big thanks to 1X team for this superb job, it's a gift before Christmas for us!! Best regards, Delphine
Hello Delph!....It is glad that I visit your blog on 1x....your work always is inspiring for me....
Thanks so much for your kind compliment Mohammad
Thank you very much to all the team 1x for you give us the possibility to make these portfolios. And a joy to participate in this section. A hug for everyone.
Am I the only one that is intuitively drawn to click on the name rather than on the "enter gallery" writing/button ? I think it would do no harm, and probably wouldn't take to much developping effort either, to make the name "clickable" and direct to the gallery too.
*too much
Good idea, will fix!
Hello - great with this new 1x-portfolio feature - thank you ! I am exploring it and I have questions regarding the watermarks on my pictures there. I see that my name is spelled wrong in the watermark, without an "ø" in my last name. I know the "ø" is a hard one, but could you please try to correct it ? - or put in a swedish "ø" there if it is easier - better than my name being spelled wrong. I also wonder why there are watermarks on only some pictures and not all pictures in my new portfolio ? Is the watermark-feature an "automatic" feature to the new portfolios that is not possible to turn off if one wants to ?
Hi! The watermarks are shown because you imported your photos from 1x. If you want photos without watermark, you have to reset your portfolio and start again without importing. You will be able to do this by going to later tonight. Best regards, Jacob
Thanks Jacob. The watermarks are ok to have there, but not with my name spelled wrong. What about the "ø" letter-problem ? Is it possible to correct this? My last name is Strøksnes not Strksnes..
Hello Mette, We are aware of this problem. We will try to improve it soon.
Thanks Thomas, great that you will fix it soon !
Very fine start. I really like the design. I made a new album, but it will not be shown. It will be fine if you can edit or maybe updating for current gallery of 1x. Thanks :-) Just an idea.
Perhaps a delete button by these comments would also be nice. I have found settings now :-) sorry.....
Good to hear that you found it.
Where are the old comments and questions about these portfolio's gone ??
Hi Ben, You can find the old post here:
Good evening everybody and my thanks to the 1x management for this wonderful job,and thank you very much,Thomas Brindt! My best wishes to all of you!