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New 1x portfolios are here!

We are happy to finally present the new 1x portfolios. Many members have been asking for a way to present all of their works in a simple and elegant way. The new 1x Portfolios is a completely new service designed from the ground up to make your photos look their best.

The new 1x Portfolios have been customized to make your photos look equally good, no matter if you are using a tablet, smartphone or computer. Of course, you can show any photos you want in your 1x Portfolio
, no matter if they are published or not.


We wanted to make a portfolio service that is as easy as possible to use. You can upload your photos straight from your device and customize the look of your portfolio. All in a matter of minutes.

The new 1x portfolios are available for everyone with a Pro membership. Since we want as many as possible to try the new 1x Portfolios, we are now offering you the Pro membership for the same price as the Plus membership. Only 4.99 $/€ per month. This offer will be available for a short time only. You will find the offer here.

When you activate your new 1x portfolio, you will get a short URL address based on your username that allows you to easily share your portfolio with others. 

We hope that you will enjoy the new 1x portfolios and that it will encourage you to take even more great photos. You will find the new 1x portfolios here.

Hola. And how you erase the portfolio?
>>From what I can see, your account is online now. 2017/03/09, 10:57am, Shanghai: Not really, but Jacob J. is taking care of it.
Hi Thomas, I think showing the date of each post would be a nice feature to judge the timeliness ... and how long has a user to wait until her profile will be online? ( I am waiting for days now). Cheers, Hen
Hi Hendrik, From what I can see, your account is online now.
Hi Thomas, Is it normal that the portfolio is not secure (not https) ?
... because it's written : "Get your own photo homepage (" Somewhere to get it ?
offer no longer valid
This new portfolio has pleased me very much. Simple but elegant design and easy to use. Thank you very much for giving us this new option. Warm greetings! Elena.
Great to hear that you like it, Elena!
Hi Thomas, thanks for the new feature. Two questions: - in your opinion are these portfolios going to replace pixy pages? - how can I import pictures from my pixu site ? Thanks, francesco
Pixu, not pixy... sorry :-)
Hello Francesco, Yes, the new 1x Portfolios will replace Pixu. You can transfer your photos from pixu when starting your 1x Portfolio.
How I can axess to my old pixu?
HI Thomas I have long adored, by far and away still the best social media for photographers. However I am quite confused by portfolios, how to access it, how to view other peoples portfolio and how it interacts alongside our existing 1x accounts. Is there a tutorial page or explanation anywhere?
Hi Oliver, each portfolio has a unique address based on the username. The portfolios are separate from, but you can import photos from 1x. You can create your own 1x Portfolio on
Hi Thomas. Is it possible to redirect or personalise the URL? For example I currently use 500px and detest giving that company any money. I would prefer to upgrade with 1x to a pro account. My website or portfolio address is and point sto what is basically a 500px portfolio?
John, I'm just starting to look around at a number of options. While I do have a 500PX account, I'm not active much on it. Mind if I ask what your dislikes are?
Where to begin Michael. The Pulse system - the constant spamming for votes and followers. The lack of community (it used to have it), their total lack of respect for their customers. Recently all images were made available in China without consent or knowledge of their members for example.
Hi John! Today we released a possibility to setup custom domains to your portfolio. Check "Settings" -> "Advanced". Regards Jacob
"David Senechal Photographie (polydactyle) ... and it is possible to reset the process so I can import my photos from 1X? Thanks!" I would like to know this as well. Is there a way to start the process over so I can upload from the photos I already have on 1x?
Hi David, I have written a message to you on how to reset the portfolio.
Hello - great with this new 1x-portfolio feature - thank you ! I am exploring it and I have questions regarding the watermarks on my pictures there. I see that my name is spelled wrong in the watermark, without an "ø" in my last name. I know the "ø" is a hard one, but could you please try to correct it ? - or put in a swedish "ø" there if it is easier - better than my name being spelled wrong. I also wonder why there are watermarks on only some pictures and not all pictures in my new portfolio ? Is the watermark-feature an "automatic" feature to the new portfolios that is not possible to turn off if one wants to ?
Hello Mette, I'm afraid the watermark is automatically added. We will improve the available letters in a not too distant future.
Hello, I'm going to look an idiot but I can not find how to import my photos from 1x to the new portfolio. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Merci! David
Hi David, When you first create your portfolio, you get the choice to import photos from 1x or pixu.
... and it is possible to reset the process so I can import my photos from 1X? Thanks!
Hi everyone, love the feature. Don't love my computer skills... So I created one album a couple of day before, now tried to create some more albums but when I try to import pictures, I go to 'select images' option and the only ones that appear are the images from the first album. I know it's something I'm doing wrong and the answer is probably super simple... but... SOS? Please?
Oh, well, stupid me, sorry, found the place. Sorry for asking the question too soon ;) Again, like it very much!
Glad that you enjoy it Olga. Just let me know if you wonder anything else.
Hellloooo Thomas, it's me, disaster online again... sorry to bother (and this time I tried several times before asking..) Everytime I upload a pic to an album, my first album is marked already and impossible to unmark. So when uploaded, the picture goes to both, let's say, Art Nude and Bliss(ful). If I try to erase it from Art NUde, it is erased from both albums. Help!
First glimpse and it has a great look to it! but i do miss a password protected private album function with download opt for my costumers. Is that planned or will it simply not happen? All the best --willy--
Hi Willy, No, I'm afraid password protected private albums are not planned to be implemented at the moment.
A job well done, the new 1X portfolios. My compliments! I am quite happy that I can show my projects and series. It looks as if the first album I made is a kind of default one. Is that correct? When uploading photos in my second album, I couldn't remove the v of the first one and thus they appear in two albums. I disables this "default" album, but I would like to delete it, but I could find the button to do so. I notices that it photos one can download the photos in the new portfolios. When you click right click on the photo you can save it on your harddisk. When you try to do so with photos on the member pages, you get a copyright message and you can't download them. Is it possible to disable downloading from the portfolios? Like Brin and Paco I do hope that there will be link from my member page to the new portfolio pages.
The sentence about downloading photos is a bit strange - the editing went wrong. I meant to write: I noticed that one can download photos from the new portfolios.
Hello Susanne, We have now increased the security, so you will not be able to download photos the way you described. To delete an album, simply select "edit" next to it in your settings and select "delete".
Thanks for the answer, Thomas! And for increasing the security. I presume that, when I delete the folder which seems to be a default one - I called it All - another album becomes the default one. Am I right?
The new personal page looks absolutely awesome...! what an amazing job...! congrats everyone and a big thanks for this new feature...!
Hi Thomas ! Can I download my own photos ?
Hi Ibrahim, No I'm afraid not. The portfolio is designed to display images. It's not made for file storage.
CONTACT FORM DOES'T WORK! ...apparently Hi Thomas, I tried the contact form on my portfolio page, but I don't receive neither an email neither a message on my 1x account. And another question: if somebody has a 5K iMac....are then the photos showed in full 5K resolution? Or would it be a stretched HD? I ask because in the first case - 5K - it would be very easy getting a rather high resolution (if not the highest), through a simple screenshot. And finally an idea: when visualizing my pictures on, at the bottom right side there's an icon to share them on FB, one for sharing them on twitter and one for Pinterest: why not one to directly export a picture to the portfolio? It would very convenient. B.
Thanks for the suggestions. We will take a look at your contact form problem. Regarding the images, they are images are never displayed in such high resolutions that they allow high quality screen shots. The images are not stretched.
Congrats on the portfolios! This is a feature I can pay a "pro" suscription for ;) However, I really think (as Brin already suggested before) that a link from the 1x member page to the portfolio should be made. Actually, I would really like if the address could (optionnaly) simply redirect to the address.
A link will definitely be made. If you had a pixu site with a custom domain earlier, we can redirect it to your new 1x portfolios.
The portfolio looks very good, but the quality of the cover photo is not good enough. I have tried more than one photo in many sizes and variations but I can't get the quality acceptable. Thomas, can you tell me if I am doing something wrong?
Hi Bragi, Please mail me a high resolution copy of the cover photo and we will try to increase the quality. ([email protected])
Thanks Thomas, I have sent you mail.
How long will the discounted price be available and for what period will it be valid?
Hi Thomas, well done. One question: what is "Google Analytics ID" mentioned in the setting. What are we supposed to enter? Thanks.
Google Analytics can help you to get statistics on the traffic to your portfolios. You can get a Google Analytics ID by creating a Google Analytics account.
Would it be possible to "reset" for importing my photos?
Yes, we can help you with that. But it's easy to begin from scratch and start uploading photos. You simply select "upload" in the menu.
Hi Thomas, I put the button "begin with the scratch" so no images were imported. How to import them now? And is it any possible to change the user name in e.g. my real name? Erik
Nice and easy! Thanks a lot!)
It only took a minute to import all my stuff and the portfolios are nice a fast. Looks like a good feature from the few minutes I played around with it so far..
My only suggestion, assuming I am not missing something, is to add a link to get to the portfolios somewhere easy to access on 1x. Maybe on the main user menu that has manage photos, settings, logout, etc.
Yes, we are planning on adding a link to the new portfolios on the profile.
Hi Thomas, Lovely job on the overall appearance. It is a nice plus to have added; so thank you. I wanted to ask, after choosing the font itself, is there anyway to make the one you chose smaller? Thanks, Phyllis
Hi Phyllis, We don't have such an option at the moment. The reason is that the font size must work on all devices. We will however introduce a feature that allows you to disable the name on the cover page. That will allow you to add your own name design on your cover.
Thanks Thomas, that sounds cool.
Hi Thomas New portfolio looks really good . Nice surprise is that it's so easy to manage pictures there. Thank you for the great job! All my best, Peter
Great to hear that you like it Peter. Making it user friendly was a key objective right from the start.
Good evening, Looks excellent! Well done all involved! Best regards, Nick
Thanks Nick! Glad to hear you like it.
About 4 days ago I started using 1x ago and I have much to learn so I can not comment on the new portfolio of 1x, but I would like to move to Pro, my question is if my subcripción Plus about 4 days ago I can hire a Pro I subscribe, do I have to pay again € 4.99 ?, then I can not benefit from the promotion, is that correct?
Hi Alberto, Yes, you can still benefit from the special offer. If you buy a Pro memebership now, your current Plus membership will be converted to Pro and added to your new membership time.
Thanks 1x!!!! I am just beginning to tinker with it but it looks great and is something I will really be able to use. Good work!
The new website is looking just great and buge respect and thanks to the all 1X crew for making up a great work in the background. One question only hope this is not stupid one,correct me If I am wrong pls!) I now seems to have 2 websites one the classy one and the new one are they going to be linked somehow or do I have to do it pls? Thanks for your time and response. Many thanks!
Thanks for your encouragement Martin! Pixu is a discontinued service, so I recommend that you only use your new portfolio. It will work much better on all platforms.
alright thank you so what you saying here is to use this one as my new website right?
Yes, nice design by the way. Good cover photo!
Hi Thomas One question before I start. Is it possible to make sub-albums ? Thanks Jef
Hi Jef, No I'm afraid not. No sub-albums at the moment.
Great feature !!! Thanks to the 1x management ... I started uploading my images and made albums. It looks great. Just one question : how to delete an image ??? I uploaded a low resolution image by mistake and don't find the way to delete it. Cheers, Yvette
Hi Yvette, glad to hear that you like the portfolios. To delete an image, simply select "edit" in the top right corner and then "delete".
Well ... so simple ;-))) Shame on me !!! Thank you, Thomas ...
The new 1x Portfolios are simple to use. No matter if you use them on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
Congrats on the new portfolios, they look good at first sight. I have some questions regarding the portfolios: 1) When I started I saw 3 options and was going to select to import images from my pixu page but it was impossible to click on that option. Now I can't find that option again, but is it still possible? 2) Will it be possible to sell photos from these new portfolios like it was in the pixu pages? 3) Are the new portfolios connected to the 1x profiles in some way or will be in the future? I think it is very important to have some tap in the profile that opens the new portfolio (it could be optional). Thanks in advance, Bragi
Hello Bragi, Very nice portfolio. It's looking great! Here are the answers to your questions: 1) You can only import photos from pixu and 1x when you create your portfolio. If you had a working pixu link, your pixu photos should have been added. If you had a problem, we can of course help you with that. 2) No, we have no sell feature in mind for the portfolios at the moment. They are made to present images in the best way possible. 3) Yes, a link to the portfolio from the profile is definitely something that will be made.
Thanks for your answers Thomas, much appreciated :-)
Hello Thomas, I am not sure what the pros of this new service are, but it would seem to me it is only useful for iphones and tablets... would you confirm this for me? Thanks, Lyn
Hello Lyn! The advantages with the new 1x Portfolios are the following: It allows you to present your images in a beautiful way, it's very easy to use and it works perfectly on all the mentioned devices.
My God! A TOTAL disaster! I have just imported my whole set of pictures from 1x gallery in my portfolio, but the result is a complete mess. Now in my portfolio I find dozens and dozens of pictures I have never taken (and I ignore whom they belong to...) plus my own shots which I erased ages ago.....Can you cancel the process and restore th situazione, plese?
(correct).....the situation....
Hello Filiberto, Your portfolio has now been restored. Please wait a while and your photos will be correctly added.