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Time to fly

If you haven't done so already, it's time to cast your votes on the Monthly theme Birds. The voting will close this weekend. There are many beautiful entries in the contest and I suggest that you hurry over to the voting page to take look. To make the wait for the results easier; here are some bird photos that you will not find among the entries this time. They have however received the Curators Choice award, which is a good reason to check them out. 

You can vote for Monthly theme birds here.


"Red Foot Kestrel - Female" by Assaf Gavra.


"the birds" by Annemieke.

"As the Sun Goes Down" by Nick Kalathas.

"Pigeons" by Allan Wallberg.

"Look Out" by Peter Stahl.

"Going on a diet Monday!" by Fabs Forns.

"Embrace Me" by Harry Eggens.

"Great Egret just at the right second" by Christopher Schlaf.

"Spring Cleaning" by Olof Petterson.

Barn Owl" by Robert Adamec.

"Lesson from Mom !" by Alfred Forns.

"Stop thief" by Doug Gimesy.