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New membership agreement

The membership agreement has been updated mainly concerning print sales. We have simplified the process of selling prints and also made it possible to offer all your photos sold on 1x through our partners, which are already very successful at selling prints and let you reach a much wider audience of customers. Our current partners are Gallerix, selling canvases, prints and framed prints and Photowall, selling wall murals.

The license is still non-exclusive which means that you can sell images in other places as well. Photographers will get 50% of the profit for each sold print on 1x and 50% of the royalty paid to 1x by our partners. You will get a pay out at the end of the following calendar quarter after the image was sold.

If you have already licensed some of your photos to other art agencies, galleries or stock photo sites and have certain restrictions about how they can be used by 1x or our partners, contact us at support[at] and we will make certain exceptions just for you and work something out together.

We want as many photos as possible on 1x to be available, because the more pictures that are available the more likely it is that customers will buy photos on 1x and that you will sell photos. If you go to an art gallery to buy prints and only a few of them are availalbe and the ones you like the most are not availble you are likely to go to another gallery where many more photos are availble instead. Many photographers don't realize that your photos have a big value for someone and that there are people who would like to have your photos on their walls. It might be surprising, but often photos by previously unknown photographers sell the most through our partners.

We will never force anyone to sell prints who doesn't want to and it's completely up to the photographer which photos to make availble for sale or not. You can select and deselect photos to sell in "Account settings" > "Select photos to sell".

When you upload photos to 1x there is a check box "For sale" which is checked by default to make it easy to make newly uploaded photos available. If you don't want to sell these photos uncheck the checkbox. If you forgot to do so, go to "Account settings" > "Select photos to sell" and deselect any photos you don't want to sell. There will soon be an option in "Account settings" to either have this setting on or off as default so mistakes are prevented.

To sign the new agreement go to "Account settings". If you reject the new agreement you will not be able to continue using 1x becuase it's not possible to have different user agreements for different users and because we have made some changes to the site which are not covered by the old agreement. If you have any questions about the new agreement send an email to support[at]

We also have a cooperation with Eurographics, one of the biggest prints providers in the world. Eurographics will claim an exclusive license for the photos they select, but those photos will likely sell a lot, since Eurographics have thousands of stores all over Europe. Some 1x photographers have already earned over 1000 eur from Eurographics just selling a single picture. The Eurographics license is separate and you need to sign it separately in "Account settings" if you want to participate.

Please offer folks who rejected the agreement over the past few days a do over opportunity now that things are better explained regarding the future. The option to turn off print sales all together would also be a wonderful option to include in the Account Settings. These changes might go a long way to save some VERY fine members who already have or are currently considering rejecting the agreement.