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Voting on Monthly Theme birds has started!


The uploading has now closed for the Monthly theme "Birds". It's now time for the voting to begin and I'm sure that the feathers will fly. The entries are exceptional and our guest judge Alfred Forns will have a daunting task selecting the top three winners. The rest is however up to you. You will decide through voting which photos that will end up on top.

Besides the cash prize of $250, the top three winners will also receive a copy of Pixelmator for Mac.

The voting is open throughout October. You can cast your vote here.

Hi everybody me too. I absolutely agree with Bertram. I hope, at least, that each member see the pictures in different order. If not .....the system is not equitable, correct. Regards. giorgio
Hi everybody, I appreciate the change from a weekly to a monthly theme and also the introduction of judges. When you announced the change you also said that voting does only start after the competition is closed to not give early birds an advantage. I still see this advantage for early birds because on the voting page the order of the images seems to be in the order of submission. At least I submitted my image shortly before midnight before closing and it is the very last on the page. So early birds will probably get some more votes because they are displayed on top of the page. Don't get me wrong here - I see there are many other images that are better than mine but I suggest to randomize the order of images every time the page is loaded so that the influence of submission time is removed. Regards Bertram