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Monthly theme for September


The monthly theme for September is Birds. 

Photographing birds is quite a challenge and can put even the most experienced 1x photographer to the test. The successful bird photographer needs patience and a bit of luck. Many skilled bird photographers will tell you to get as close to your feathered models as possible. Everyone who has seen the extraordinary bird photos at 1x will however know that it's possible to create powerful images on a distance as well, usually by focusing on large flocks of birds rather than individuals.

The guest judge for this theme is no other than Alfred Forns. Alfred's work in the genre is not only appreciated by us here on 1x, but has also been selected by both Nature's Best and NANPA. We are sure he will do an excellent job judging this theme.

The winner will receive $250 in cash and the top three will receive Pixelmator's image editor.

As usual, you can upload new photos through the seperate uploader on the Monthly theme page. The photo will then automatically be added to your portfolio. If you already have a photo in your portfolio that you would like to compete with, you should use the cog wheel menu to avoid getting duplicates in the portfolio.

If you haven't voted for last months theme Abstract yet, you can do it here.