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A very special delivery

Today, we received a shipment many of us have been waiting for. This box may not look much, but it just so happens that it contains some of the finest photography in the world.

We have now had the chance to look through the latest 1x yearbook Memento and we are astonished by the level of quality. We didn't think it would be possible to raise the quality even further from last year's book Mono, but it has actually been done. The
stochastic printing together with the MultiArt Glossy 170g paper gives the photos a level of sharpness, color and depth that just has to be seen. 

The photos in the book reflects the uncompromising technical values and they really prove how many incredibly talented 1x photographers there are. We would like to thank all participating photographers for making this book possible.

Memento is printed in a very exclusive limited edtion of 499 copies. Most of the copies have already been pre-booked, but there are still some left if you hurry. You can buy your own copy of Memento here.



very nice all this, Roberto could buy a copy for your friends ;-)
can´t wait to grab it...!
Looking forward to get it. Hope the postman comes soon!
Hope to receive it soon !
You have good reason to, Ben ;). We will make sure that you get it as soon as possible.
very good, is not nothing but wait for the courier. next week? Hello Roberto
Hi Roberto, When your order is delivered depends on where you live. I can however assure you that it will be worth the wait.