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The theme is "Abstract". Here are some beautiful 1x abstract photos to give you inspiration.

"WMF BUTTERFLY" by Andrew Badenhorst.



"Coastlines" by Ursula Abresch.



"The Sky is Draining" by borinamisica.



"Summer Wind" by Tammy Bergström.



"Harmony of Feelings..." by Juliana Nan.



"Sunrise" by Chris Dixon.


"Out of order" by Leo Walter.



"The Road to Nowhere" by Roland Shainidze.



"The Cheese Grater" by Paul Anthony Wilson.



"A tribute to Monet" by Andrew George.



"Tunnel Vision" by Robert Work.



"Spoons Abstract: Forest" by Jacqueline Hammer.



"Face the light" by Carola Onkamo.



"Have you ever felt lonely?" by Ilja Hackman.



"Blue and Green" by Stefan Krebs.



"Keep straight on.....!" by Huib Limberg.



By Alida van Zaane.



"orbit" by Richard Otten-Wagener.



"Water drop" by teddy hariyanto.



"Tea building" by Wieteke de Kogel.



"Line and Shadow" by Natalia Baras.

"the mouth" by Ute Scherhag.

"Drops" by Gilbert Claes.



"1 2 3 4 5 6" by Hans Martin Doelz.



"Golden light in a dark world" by Jef Van den Houte.



"Asphalt tree" by Rasto Gallo.

"Window in blue" by Harry Verschelden.

"Parallelism" by JEFFLIN LING.

"red carpet" by Ariane Coerper.

"Sales are OK" by Luc Vangindertael.



"Red Frame" by Stuart Allen.
This a really diverse collection of abstract photography, thanks for sharing
Ceremony of color, forms and shape can be seen in these series of photos, Great works THOMAS!BRAVO!