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Congratulations, new 1x photographers!

New photographers are discovering 1x everyday and we are very happy to introduce you to some of the most recent 1x photographers. These photographers have just had their first photos published. Congratulations! The requirements for publishment are more demanding than on any other photo gallery online. Getting published on 1x is an impressive achievement and a sign that you have come a long way in your photography.

Thank you for these great additions to the 1x gallery! We are looking forward to seeing your new work.

By Cluke.


"Girl with pheasant" by Joanna Nazir.



"Triangles" by Anders Petersen.

"Alone" by Rio Suparlan.

"The bondage" by Erfan Oveisi.

"13:00" by Marian Munteanu.



"Light Up Above" by Randy Dietmeyer.



"Calgary Peace Bridge" by Helder Martins.

"Dragonfly" by Chirobocea Nicolae Fanurie.
Excellent idea Thomas!! A great way for all of us to get to know the work of new members and also a lovely way for the new members to get some attention and showcase their work. Phyllis :)
Thanks Phyllis! Yes, I think it great to see that 1x attracts so many new skilled photographers.
Photos have a various subject and each of them is eye-catching in its branch, I enjoy to see all of them!BRAVO!
yes, they really are. It's always nice to see photographers who gets a photo published for the first time.