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New feature: Show published photos only

Some members have expressed a wish to be able to decide for themselves whether they want to show their portfolio publicly or not. Perhaps you want to only show photos that have been published and keep other photos for your own. Now you can do this by selecting "Hide portfolio" in your account settings.

By selecting this option, only you can see your portfolio. Your published photos will be shown as usual.

Dear Thomas, thank you for the prompt reply. It is a real pity that in the current setup Albums can not longer be selected as the default view of a profile page. I was really excited when this feature was made available some time ago. Anyway, it is good to know that in the future 1x setup it will be back. In fact, if doable, it would be nice for members to select in their setting which features (Published, Portfolio, Albums; one only, or two, or all three) make available for public view and to select which one is the default view in the profile page. This would make the most customizable choice and make everyone happy. Asking too much? I hope not. Thanks
I also preferred the way it was before. As it is now I am not able anymore to set my Albums as the default view in the my profile page. Is there a way to set the Albums as the default view?
Hello Marco, Unfortunately it's not possible to have albums as a default view on the profile page. In the new 1x portfolios, you will have complete control of how your photos are presented.
for me this all is getting more and more eccentric, posh and gushy. Just to be different? I love to see inspiring pics, love to see photographers sharing their ideas and passion - the club of fine artists .... if that's what you want to brand you for ...... wrong direction at least from my perspective
Hi Richard, The focus of 1x has always been on curated photography. We will however improve the opportunities to present all your photos, with our new 1x portfolios released in October.
hi, actually one has to pay that his/her portfolio can be seen without being screened at main page, and now what may we look at without lots of clicking when we just like to look at nice images in other portfolios, and i have to say sometimes much more interesting then those on the front page.... a bit disapointment ...and yet one question, is it all right with curation portal, sometimes the photo is sooner out from screen then i may to look it and klik at any buton. Anyway, i am a passionate consumer of nice images so i stay looking. All the best!
Hi mab, The new 1x portfolios will allow you to do just that; watch other members photos without excessive clicking. Regarding the curation portal, it's probably a browser related problem. Please try a different browser and see if there is any difference.
If I choose to hide the portfolio tab, it stays hidden for me too, even when logged in. Aren't we supposed to be able to see our own portfolio tab?
Hi Greg, We think it's best if the profile looks the same for both the user and the visitor. Otherwise it may be confusing. You can still always see your photos in the photo directory.
This is a nice feature for the 1x community. thank you.
Any feature that gives members more choice on what to show and how to show it is great! Thank you for keeping up the good work, even in mid-august!
Thank you Paco.