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How to upload your photo to Monthly theme


Some members have asked me to clarify the upload process of the Monthly theme contest. You can upload your photo in two different ways:

- If you already have the photo in your portfolio, you should upload the photo through the cog wheel menu on the photo page. Simply select "Submit to monthly theme".

- If you don't have the photo in your portfolio, please use the uploader on the Monthy theme page. The photo will be submitted to the Monthly theme and added to your portfolio. The advantage of using the seperate uploader is that it doesn't use one of your ordinary upload slots.

We hope that everyone take this opportunity to compete for the prizes. Besides winning cash, memberships and software licenses, the top three entries will also be published in the 1x gallery.

You will find the Monthy theme here.

I'm just wondering if it is accepted with multiple exposures or the use of multiple images in different layers in the month competition; abstract?
Addition: my image is in the monthly theme. I clicked on photos / monthly theme and below the introduction my image is visible ("your submission"). Now all is fine but the question remains: Why ist the option "submit to monthly theme" still existent when you click on the cogwheel ?
Hi Hans Martin, For technical reasons, it's preferable to leave the option in the cog wheel at the moment. Nothing happens if you click on it after submitting your photo though.
Hi, Thomas, I have some questions about the procedure. As you mentioned there are two ways to upload: Normal upload and then submission by clicking the cog wheel and choose "submit to the weekly theme. The other way (that I tried yesterday, I don't know if successful or not): upload with the separate "monthly theme"- uploader. In my case all went fine, so far I can judge this. The image is visible in my profile, BUT I don't know if it found its way to the database of the monthly theme because when I click the cogwheel there is still the option "submit to monthly theme". Interesting is that the option "submit to the curators" is nonexistent. That's ok for images sent to the weekly theme but why is the option "submit to MT" still existent? Before launching the MT the cogwheel represented different possibilities for submission. Once you submitted it for screening the option "submit to curators" disappeared from the selection. And once you submitted it to the weekly theme contest, this selection disappeared (so you could not sent this image to the WT for a second time) So, why is the option "submit to the monthly theme" still existent for my image ? Is my image in the database of the monthly image ? Cheers, Hans-Martin
getting "Generic Error" message when I submit via the cog wheel.
This problem should be sorted out now. Please try again.
Worked, thank you.