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Weekly theme becomes Monthly theme


Weekly theme is one of the most appreciated features of 1x and for a long time, we have wanted to upgrade the theme contest and take it to the next level. 

I'm now happy to announce that the Weekly theme will transform into the Monthly theme.

There will be one theme per month, which will give you more time to prepare your submissions. The uploads and voting will be done separate months. This means that it doesn't matter if you upload your photo early or late. You will still have the same amount of time to gather votes.

The uploads to the Monthly theme will be done through a separate uploader. Everyone can participate, except members of the crew. Published images can not be submitted to the contest.

The top three winners will be chosen by a guest judge with special experience in the given theme. The rest of the positions will be selected through voting, as usual.

There will be a monthly cash prize of 250 USD and several other prizes that will be useful for you as a 1x photographer. The top three winners will also have their photos published in the 1x gallery.

I hope you will appreciate this upgrade of our theme contest and that it will inspire you to more wonderful photos. The first theme will be announced shortly.

I am sorry to see the weekly themes go. I have always found new photographers who's work I admire by browsing through the weekly themes. I know you will reply I can do the same in the monthly theme, but I had 4 chances per month with weekly themes, only 1 in monthly themes :-).
Hi Gaby, Well, that's true of course. But you will have even more new photos to admire in the Monthly theme, so I think it will be worth waiting for.
I am not happy about this "upgrade" "next level" whatever you call it Thomas. If it is not broken don't fix it. Suggest at least to keep it WEEKLY theme contest with the changes you guys are making. Just my two cents.
Hi Robert, If you appreciated Weekly theme I'm sure you will like Monthly theme as well. We hope that these changes will make the contest more interesting for many members. Making it a monthly contest will give you more time to prepare high quality photos. The essence of the contest is however still the same.
In principle, nothing will change. the user with the greatest friendship list will land normally always far ahead. So you can forget getroste!
Hi Luiz, a judge will select the top three winners so there will be a big change compared to now when all winners are selected by vote.
Well, I'm curious who the judges?
Congrats Thomas, I think it is time to change the rules of the game .... I like it, especially, when you say: "The top three winners will be chosen by a guest judge with special experience in the given theme." Cheers, raff
Glad to hear that you like it Raff.
The old method had forced me to move away from the competition.....
Excellent idea 1X team !
Thomas, when I enter a photo to the Monthly theme and during the same month I find or create more appropriate photo will I have the opportunity to remove the previous one and upload the new one? Cheers, Vlado
Hi Vlad, No, I'm afraid you will not be able to change your submission in the middle of the contest. It's one upload that counts.
Sounds good, Thomas ! Good approaches to change things for the better ! Cheers, Hans-Martin
Thanks Hans-Martin! I hope as many as possible will take the opportunity to participate.