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Memento - Yearbook 2015

We are proud to present Memento! The 2015 yearbook from 1x. Memento contains some of the finest photos from the 1x gallery, both in color and in black & white. The photos are meticulously selected and carefully combined, to create a special visual flow throughout the book.

These exceptional photos deserve the best presentation possible. That's why the book is made with top quality stochastic printing on high quality photo paper. The 1x yearbooks are known for their outstanding quality and Memento is no exception.

Memento will be printed in a super exclusive limited edition of only 499 copies. The first 200 copies only will come with free world-wide shipping (20 USD/EUR value) so make sure to order as soon as possible.

Memento will be released on Thursday.

Did your site crash? Countdown for momento reached 1 second then froze?
Hi Craig, No crashes, it just took a little extra time before the pre-order page was up.
people which have a photo published on book will receive an email?