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30 heart-melting photos of furry, fuzzy and feathery 1x babies


Oops! Did I Scare You? © Pedro Jarque


Everybody needs a little cuteness injection every now and then. It’s good for the soul.

Thanks to these 1x photographers, we are also reminded (beyond how super cute they are) that the little ones out there in the wild, no matter where they are — in jungles or deserts, on mountainsides or icebergs — they’re all learning every second of every day how to survive in the big world.

Which makes these photos even more special.

Enjoy these wonderful images… and have a great weekend everyone!


Friends © Takeshi Marumoto


Galapagos Sea Lion Pup © Ilan Ben Tov


Cheetah Family © Ken Dyball


Three… © Mac Danzig


Levitating Leopard Cat © Ashley Vincent


Great Grey Owl with a Chick © Igor Shilokhvost


ChillFox © Roeselien Raimond


Kiss My Butt © Andrew George


Peeking Kitty © Morkel Erasmus


Double Hump © verdon


Red Fox Pup © Nick Kalathas


Elephant Suckling © Jaco Marx


GET YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW:) © Christopher Schlaf


Hello..?:) © Lamet Riyadie


Baby Lion with Mother © Henry Jager


Pickaback © C.S.Tjandra


Bergantung © arbain borneo


Family Affair © Peter Stahl


Small Chick Big Feet © Roeselien Raimond


Learning to Run on Long Legs © Ingrid Vekemans


Me First… © Dikky Oesin


Save Our Soul © arbain borneo


Cute Cats of Serengeti © Jeffrey Wu
BAMBI © Christopher Schlaf
Tired © Carles Just
Orphan Comfort © Rick Tomalty
Do You Have a Fish? © Holger Droste

High Five © Peter Stahl


Family Ties © Takeshi Marumoto




Wonderful gallery guys!
Superb collection Mandy .......Everyones a winner
I totally agree with you, Richard. Some special images for sure!
Such a pleasure to view, congratulations to all!
So nice to hear from you, Richard. Glad you enjoyed them!
Thank you for sharing my works. I'm so happy!
Takeshi, it's my pleasure. Your photos of these little guys are so wonderful. I wish I could have included all of them!
Thank you Mandy !
My pleasure, Pedro. It's such a great one!
Thanks, Mandy. I copied the permalink and could choose from 3 images from which one was still the sketch by Sebastien Del Grosso who really has nothing to do with this blog. I chose the one with the two giraffes although the "facebook crop" cut off mother giraffe's head just in the middle of her neck . Horrible !
I know it, Hans-Martin. Hope this gets fixed soon.
HI, Mandy, today I saw your post on Facebook and shared it. With the image of the 2 apes. While my first sharing of the blog (that I did yesterday) received no single like, the second received at least 1 like so far. Not very encouraging !
Wanted to share this blog on Facebook but there seems to be something wrong. The blog title appears right but as image on Facebook appears the sketch by Sebastien Del Grosso. I tried it several times, always the same result. So I did not share it so far.
Hans-Martin, the same has been happening to me, so I wasn't able to share it either. The thumbnails offered were not part of this post -- just random thumbnails. I just copied the permalink to FB to try again, and I see the sketch photo first. But now there are two more thumbnails available that are part of this blog (click the arrow in the top-left corner of the thumbnail preview). I see the giraffes and a partial baby deer. I wonder why it doesn't pick up the first image of the blog? I suppose it takes time for the images to spool to FB, but I don't know why. I'll ask and see if it can be corrected. Thanks for mentioning it.
Just wanted to clarify... For now, don't use the "Share this blog on FB" button. Instead, click the Permalink button, copy the link and paste it onto your FB page. But we'll get this sorted so everything works the way it should.
Facebook is picking a select number of images from the blog when it's making the thumbnail suggestions. The problem here seems to be that Facebook is taking images from the entire blog and not the linked blog post. In some cases, you can bypass this by uploading an image of your own, but it shouldn't be necessary. I will take a look at what may be causing this.
Now that has to make ya smile... it did me :-) Great job Mandy
Happy to hear it made you smile, Chris. You'll have to stop shooting so many great ones -- it will make my job much easier next time :)
This is a great selection of outstanding photos, Mandy. You really have a keen eye !
They're so much fun, aren't they :) Thanks Hans-Martin.
Such a great collection. Too cute.
Great to hear you enjoyed them, Mike.
100 % cuteness and beautiful photography. Such a wonderful idea to share these pics! Thanks :)
My pleasure, Olga. Thanks. This was fun to put together... there are so many incredible images to choose from on 1x. I was up to my eyeballs in cute babies! So when I think you guys are ready for more, I'll do it again :)