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Prints payments to more photographers than ever

We are happy to tell you that more 1x photographers than ever have earned money through 1x print sales. The idea behind the 1x prints partner network is to allow our photographers to make money on their work, without having to concern themselves with the production, delivery and administration.

We recently decreased the payment limit to 50 EUR or USD. At the same time we also raised the price for 1x prints by many of our partners. This makes it easier to reach the payment limit and today more than 130 photographers have recieved payments for prints sold during the last quarter.

By making your photos available for sale through 1x, you reach out to millions of potential customers and get much more exposure for your work. The 1x prints partner network is constantly growing and we are working hard to make sure that all 1x photos are treated as the works of art that they are.

Congratulations to all photographers who have sold prints through 1x!



I Wish Always give Information ........ best regards JS
it would be nice, to see which pictures are sold. At my profile there are two pics, where I have a premonition of the pic, because you show a hash and the picturenumber and if you have luck, the first letter of the title. Isn't it possible, to show the link to the picture or more then 2 letters ?? Regards Karl-Heinz
Hi Karl-Heinz, I agree that it could be useful with some more information about each individual sale. We are somewhat limited by how our partners supply us with sales information, but we are working on improving the overall experience of selling prints through 1x.
Hello, Please note that total earning must reach minimum requirement (50EUR/50USD) before being paid out. Have sold in my earning list $ 2,65 &0,5 $1,93 $37 $4,36 $38 $2,75 This seems to me a total of more than 50dollar. Outside the peculiar amounts it is not transparant and confusing. greeting Henk
For the record has not been paid, so if they continue to sell something you will never happen under the photo 50dollar.!
Hello Henk, The earnings are paid out each quarter. If you have not reached the sum of 50 USD /EUR, the earnings are accumulated until the next payment. If there is a problem with your payment, please contact me on [email protected].
Thanks for your comment Thomas, will wait and see, the question remains how they got that strange amounts.
That's ~.00065% of all members.
Hi Ben, it's a far greater number than that, since not all of the members sell prints. It's rather 5-10% of all photographers who made photos available for sale. 130 photographers is a good number and we are working hard on increasing it a lot by adding many new prints partners.
Ok, thank you Ralf.
things are involving to better concerning information of print sales for the authors ... thanks and go ahead in this direction. We know now which picture have been sold and what we have earned for ... we know also your partners +++ however it would be very interesting to know beside of the earning amount WHO sold this special picture in order to know where our pictures are going to ??? Do you think that could involve also ??? Nice also to have decreased paying amount for the photographe from 90 to 50 euros ... that's more realistic now with sometimes quite low incoming amounts for a picture. krgds Anna
Hi Anna, thanks for your great feedback, we will take your suggestion into consideration. Glad to hear that you appreciate the lower pay out limit! Good light, Ralf
That's good to hear, Thomas. By the way, I noticed that, the German printing company, offers all 1x-images without any information about the photographers. I was very astonished about that and asked the by mail if that happens intentionally. If I would offer my works (I do not so far) for sale, I would appreciate to see my name when one of my works is offered. So all happens more or less anonymous. didn't answer to my mail yet, so I don't know anything about the reason of their behavior. That's from my side about this issue. Best Regards, Hans-Martin
Hi Hans Martin, Seenby is a fairly new addition to our partner network and the 1x section is very recently constructed. I have however told them to add the names as soon as possible.