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30 photos of happy kids guaranteed to make your day

There is nothing more precious in life than happy children. Their uncontrollable laughter, their smiling faces, their sheer joy of the moment are truly infectious, and we cannot help but giggle and smile right along with them. Isn’t that just the best feeling.

Each of these 1x photographers found a perfect way to freeze those wonderful moments in time so we can hear and see and experience the genuine happiness that's so unique to children all around the world.

I must forewarn you, though: This kind of happiness is extremely contagious, and after spinning through these images, you too will be smiling – big. Really big!

Have a great week everybody!


Kids' :-) © Robert


Fun © Monica


So Windy © Thierry Draus


All Eyes on Me © Thomas Ljundberg


Smiles Behind the Shadows © Paul Quiambao


Padmini © Norbert Becke


Flowers from Lucy (4.5 years) © Marian Korte


Happy Girl © Monika Manowska


Into the Poppies © John Wilhelm


Happiness is Having Nothing © John Moulds


Here Am I © Christoph Hessel


Little Elf © Jorris Martinez


Rain Dance © John Platt


The Performer © Marc Apers


Feelin Good © Jake Olson


Catch Me If You Can © Magda Berny


The Only Listener © Monique


Snow Fun @ Adrian Sommeling


Unbalanced Balance (Cut III) © Codrin Lupei


Friends © Monika Strzelecka


Happy Cuban Children © Bingo Rimér


Forever Young © Gabor Csorgo


Before We Become Managers © Harry Sulistio


One Fine Day © Elena Karagyozova


Brotherhood © Murat BariÅŸ Paksoy


Autumnus © Bill Gekas


To Be a Child © Monique


Merry Go Round © onesixright


Time for a Smile © Jorris Martinez


It's a Kind of Magic © Magda Berny


Laughter is contagious...and I was smiling - a big big smile when I got to the end. Thanks Mandy for having us remember what childhood can look like given the right circumstances.
A late discoverer of your blog Mandy, but finally here :) What a lovely selection of images and yes, you cannot help but smile. I photograph children a lot, in varying maternal/child health and education projects and rarely - no matter the circumstances that the children find themselves in - do I not see smiles; usually hesitantly at first, nervous and shy, but the more time I spend the more curious they become. When it's not that like, as situations can often dictate that there is not much laughter to go around, I am always so stuck by how the most innocent amongst us can often suffer the most.
Regrettably there are no comments so far about this wonderful selection of images. A long time favorite of mine is "the only listener" by Monique. The behavior of both, the child and especially the dog, is really fascinating. A great image !
You singled out a great one, Hans Martin. Monique and her daughters have surely graced this site with some incredible images, and I picked that one specifically because it makes me smile every time I see it. Can't you just hear that tiny voice reading out loud? :) There are so many happy children on 1x from so many talented photographers, and many of the photographers I have included have so many more, but I had to narrow it down at some point. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks!