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Cityscape - A list by Jose C. Lobato

Landscape photos are very popular and rightly so. 1x is full of amazing landscape scenes with rolling fields and breathtaking mountains. But let's not forget that there is beauty to be found in the city as well. 
Jose C. Lobato has put together a list with his favourite city landscapes. You will find it here. Enjoy!


"Midtown Sunset" by Javier de la Torre.



"Metropolis" by Alfonso Novillo.


"The ring" by Mohammad Rustam.

"Praugue" by La Taverne aux images.



"Up? What do has he?" by Mathilde Guillemot.
You made a good list choice Jose. Congrats also to all that great photographers of this wonderful images. Regards. Gil
Gil thank you very much for your words. A greeting.
Thierry thank you very much. A subject that I love, and that there are wonders here in 1x. And thank you very much Thomas for remembering that list to the blog. An honor for me. A greeting.
Great list Jose, magnificent work, congrats !!!