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1x Member Awards

Dear 1x members,

As most of you know, we recently switched to a new award system (you can read more about it here). One of the new features of the new system is that the old levels have been replaced by stars in various colors. By gathering Award points, you will unlock stars on your score page.

Another piece of news was that we increased the number of points for photo comments to no less than 5 points per comment, so make sure to comment photos.

Besides the ordinary stars, there are also three special stars; bronze, silver and gold. 

These stars are awarded by the crew two times each year, during midsummer and midwinter (the two longest and shortest nights in Sweden) to members who have excelled both in their photographic work, but also in their contributions to the 1x community. This is our way to give you a special thank you!

It's now time for the first edition of the 1x Member Awards and the first special stars will be awarded. And the winners are...

Thanks so much!!!! We are very honoured!!!! all the best!!!
Hi Thomas ... you have talent as a presenter. Your presentation is smooth and humorous as it should be... I thank the team for the award of this star. I am very happy about it and honored. Greeting to all. Best regards. Gil
Thank you so much Gil. Your work here on 1x is amazing, well worth a bronze star.
Many thanks everyone. I am honoured!
Well deserved, Stefan.
Thanks Thomas, great video
Thank you very much Adrian.
Well done Thomas, this video shows a clear improvement over the fist attempts. Congrats to all the awarded members.
Thanks Bobby, glad to hear you enjoyed it.
Hi, Congratulations to all the "bronze winners"...they realy deserved! Congratulations to Thomas to his great presentation and to all 1x members. Best regards!
Thank you FJoão.
What a fantastic surprise! Thank you 1X for this great honor, I feel humbled to figure on that list. And special thanks to Thomas for the humorous presentation :-)
Thanks Christophe, congratulations!
Wonderful presentation,Thomas! I feel honoured to see my name amongst such great artists. Thanks!
Thank you! You certainly belong there Jimmy.
Thank you 1x crew ! Congrats to all ! Cheers!!
It was a great pleasure to watch the video and a big surprise to find my name in the list. Thanks a lot!!
Well deserved Harry, congratulations!
wow - that was a surprise to see my name on the list! Much appreciated and honoured. Thank you!
Congratulations Linda!
Wow, thanks a lot. The presentation is priceless and even though I'm not entirely sure how the hell my name got on the list, thank you very much indeed! I'll be a proud bronze star holder from now on, something to celebrate this wonderful St John's Eve :)
You are a wonderful stylistic photographer and I can assure you that you belong on the list. Congratulations!
Many many thanks everyone. I'm honoured!
Thanks a lot for this great honor. And of course a great presentation ;-) Sebastian
Thomas, you did such a great job here ... This gorgeous video is worth the "Oscar" nomination ceremony. Special congrats to you and to all the winners !!!
Thanks Yvette and congratulations to being one of the first to get a bronze star. Very well deserved.
Hope to meet you soon, Thomas ;-)
congrats to all :)
during Midsummer and Midwinter (the two longest nights in Sweden) ?? One is the shortest and the other the longest! With that said, Congrat's to the award-winners! must, by far, be the site with the greatest photos and the greatest photographers!
Thanks for your attention to Swedish seasonal shifts ;-) It's now corrected. And thanks for your nice words regarding 1x and all its wonderful photographers.
Congrats to all, especially to the extremely talented Thomas. I was really surprised !
Thanks Hans Martin!
Wow, Thomas! In addition to the awards themselves, you have an impressive new career underway (It was fun to watch). Congratulations to all the winners. I enjoyed seeing the list; what a great way to learn about new work. Look forward to seeing what the team comes up with for silver and gold. How about a name (Oscars, Emmys, Ralfies...)
Great ! Looking forward to be awarded with a Ralfie.
We will definitely consider giving out Ralfies.
Ralfies! :D
Excellent suggestion Greg! =)
Many many thanks to all the team envolved, I feel humble and honored. Also want to congratulate everybody. Thomas you have a new (big) fan :)
Thanks Paulo! And congratulations to the well deserved bronze star.
Congratulations everyone!! And Thomas, you have outdone yourself :) Excellent job!
Thanks Mandy! Well, I have to raise my game now when we have such another talented blogger here ;-)
A big thank you to all makers of 1X. Feel very honored !! Hy Thomas, I enjoyed this video,. Very well done! :)
Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Congratulations to your bronze star Stefan!
Congratulations to the winners and my admiration for the sympathetic way to grant them. Also great presenter Thomas Brindt. Greetings friends.
Hi Jose, thanks for your kind words.
I enjoyed this video Thomas, very well done! :) Thanks guys for the bronze star, it's nice from you :), Best Peter
Thank you Peter, and thanks for the wonderful work you have done for 1x.
A big thx to 1x ... i feel honored.
Well deserved, Laura. Congratulations!
crew is honoring crew?
Hi Leon, joining the crew is an excellent way to contribute to this community. The people in the crew spend hours and hours making this site function without getting paid so this is a great way to recognize their work.
How does one join the crew? Is there an application process or do you have to be invited?
Thomas - you are a natural stage presenter. Thanks guys!
Thank you Andre!
Nicely done Thomas. You did a great job with the video!
Thanks Greg!
Thanks a lot to the whole crew - I feel very honoured! Btw - Thomas, you are an excellent presenter :-)
Thanks Norbert! It's always nice to get out of the support cage and do some presenting ;-) Congratulations to the star!
Huge congrats to all the new bronze members and even bigger thanks for all your extraordinary contributions to this community!
Thanks, Ralf, for the appreciation!
Thank you, Ralf ... What a great "ceremony", so well done !!! Thomas did it so well. Congratulations to all the "bronze winners".
Thanks Ralf - loved the "ceremony" too ......Thomas is a great MC!