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Weekly theme Concrete winners

Concrete is a composite material made out of water, aggregate and cement. It is an important part of modern architecture, but concrete buildings have not always been described as aesthetically pleasing. That doesn't however scare the 1x photographers who prove that everything is a matter of point of view. It's no surprise that the entries this time to a large degree consisted of architectural photos. Many did however find other ways to include the theme into the work. The three winners, who will have their names carved in concrete, are Luis Bonito, Yvette Depaepe and Paulo Abrantes. Congratulations!


1st place, "Looking up" by Luis Bonito.


2nd place, "Concrete Synergy" by Yvette Depaepe.

3rd place, "Transition" by Paulo Abrantes.



By Jean De Spiegeleer.



By Annica Westerlund.

By Gilbert Claes.

By Henk van Maastricht.



By Piet Flour.

By J-A Chazal.


By stanislav hricko.

By Alberto Bullio.



By Carla DLM.

By Bjorn Emanuelson.

By Klefer.

By larazanarini.