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From the Guardian: Your chance to be exhibited in London and New York


© Guardian News & Media Ltd


The Guardian is running a themed monthly competition called Share Your Art from January to July 2015. This month the theme is Travel, and you may interpret the word any way you choose: you may submit artwork of your recent travels, a memory of somewhere you visited in the past or maybe a place you have never been – it’s completely up to you.

The added bonus for this year’s Share Your Art series is that the artworks you submit may be selected not only for the Guardian’s online galleries, but also may be chosen to be exhibited in the Guardian’s London and New York headquarters in September 2015.


© Guardian News & Media Ltd


You are allowed to submit up to three works of art, and your work can consist of any materials you prefer – photography, drawings, paintings, video, you name it.

You will find a more in-depth description of the Travel theme and all the details about submitting your work here. This is the actual page where you can submit your work. And you will find more information about the Share Your Art series as well as the London and New York exhibitions here.

Good luck everyone!

Take us far away … share your artworks about travel © Guardian News & Media Ltd


Thank you Mandy good share. I am loving your blog posts. All power to your keyboard.
My pleasure, Gerry. I noticed that some 1x photographers have already entered. That's great to see! Fingers crossed for everyone. Rah Rah Rah... Go 1x! <shaking pom-poms>