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Ben Goossens featured in 1x Magazine

The new issue of 1x Magazine is out today! You can read the magazine for free online directly in your browser, you don't have to download a PDF anymore. The magazine is much more focused now with 146 pages. The theme for this issue is Creative Edit and our very own curator, award winning creative genius Ben Goossens is featured! He will share his best tips and tricks about how to improve your editing skills and find fresh ideas.

Enjoy the amazing photography of famous photographers Michelle Monique and Jimmy Nelson as well.

Click here to read the magazine for free. Good light and good reading!

Some photos featured in the magazine:


© Ben Goossens

© Ben Goossens

© Ben Goossens
Een heel mooi portfolio!!!! Prachtige beelden!
Love your work !!
膜拜!!! oz.....oz....oz....oz....oz.....oz....oz....oz....oz....oz....oz....
And of course, Ben, can't wait to gain some insight into you and your great work! Congratulations!
Thanks Geoff:-)
Is there any way to download the pdf still for those of us who want to read it that way? I'm sure for many of us it's a matter of convenience. I find it nice to put on my iPad and read more leisurely than sitting in front of my computer.
Hi Ben. Congratulations for being the central photographer for this magazine, dedicated to Creative Editing. They couldn't make a better choice for it; you really deserve it. I'm always amazed by all these ideas in your photos and the technical quality of them.
Thanks Jef:-) I always do my best.
Dear Ben, I am very pleased to see you honored here for your work. I was immediately impressed by the professional quality your images show - along with a magnificent imagination. You have been very helpful to me over the years, and I wanted to thank you for that. You are an inspiration!. My very best, Phyllis
Thank you dear Phyllis:-) I' m addicted to surrealism and photo shop lucky it doesn't hurt to much!

Wonderful highlight for Ben's work and a great introduction to his world for those who haven't seen his photos before.

p.s. I have to agree with the other commenters. It would be more convenient to have both, the pdf and the read-online versions of the magazine available. I usually have it on my tablet in pdf format and read it during train/bus rides where internet signal isn't that great.

Thanks Majd:-) Happy you're open for me crazy concepts!
It was better to have the pdf file then read only online
I agree Francesco!
Thanks a lot dear Yvette, for all the help and work:-) It's an honor for me to be there, at the side of other excellent photographers! Best, ben
My pleasure, dear Ben !!!
Een genot om je portfolio door te lezen en te genieten van je fotowerk Ben: jammer dat ik je werk natuurlijk al veel langer volg en daardoor eigenlijk alle beelden al ken....! Desondanks: het verveelt me nog niets beste vriend....! En in het magazine komt het werk héél goed tot zijn recht: mooi in het kwadraat! Thanks for sharing!
Bedankt Huib:-) Ben bezig met nieuwe te maken maar dat duur zo lang eer ze af zijn...pfff!
As Filiberto, I too preferred the downloadable pdf version. Are there particular reasons why you do not allow the download anymore?
Well, it is a pity I can not download it anymore! I found it pretty easy to read the pdf off, e.ti. in my desktop computer or portbale e-reader. Couldn't it be profittable leave us both possibilities? Why not?