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Winners of weekly theme Dogs

Adrian Popan, Jacob Tuinenga and Justyna Garczyk-Kleszcz are the talaneted winners of weekly theme Dogs. A big barking congratulation to you!

This week's theme is Purple, so upload anything purple or a photo with a purple feeling or idea!

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1st place, "Family provider" by Adrian Popan.



2nd place, "Family portrait" by Jacob Tuinenga.



3rd place, "Peekaboo" by Justyna Garczyk-Kleszcz.
2nd place, "O Ponte" by Jose Beut The painting is like a bridge between the sea and the sky, like a zipper, North Ott its color has charm. Beautiful! liubaojie
Wow! These are just GREAT and I want to congatulate the winners for their originality and the uniqueness of their photographs! Bravo!!
Thank you, Daniel Martin, much appreciated :)
My congratulations to the winners of the theme dogs for the great works! Pity that the previous theme "panorama" was forgotten.
Sorry about that, they will be announced soon!