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Reach for the stars

As you may have noticed, you have received a little star next to your profile portrait. This is the latest addition to our new award system. The old medals have been replaced with shiny new stars. To see how many award points you need to get a star, simply hold the cursor over the various stars on your score page.

Here are the available stars in rising order.

But wait, there's more!  There are also three other stars in the desireable metals bronze, silver and gold. These stars are especially awarded by the crew to photographers who really have excelled in the recent time. To make them even more rare, they are only awarded twice a year; once in the Swedish midsummer and once in the Swedish midwinter. 

We hope that you'll enjoy this new award system and that it will encourage you to take your photography to the stars and beyond.

Hi Robert, Thanks for pointing this out. I have changed it to "score" in the text.
Minor point of clarification: it looks like one of the simultaneous changes was to remove the menu choice to navigate to an "Achievements" page. The menu choice is now called "Scores" with the word "achievements" not displayed on the resulting page. But this page does display the row of 10 available stars. Interestingly, in the navigation bar, the address of this page ends with ".../results" rather than with "/stars" or "/achievements."