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Want to be published in yearbook 2013 "Passion"?

Yearbook 2013 will be called "Passion" and with this book we want to celebrate our passion for lines, shapes, light, faces, nature, different cultures, brave people and bold ideas, our passion for photography and the passion for life. An especially intense photo in any genre will be a perfect fit for this book.

"Passion" will be printed in an exclusive limited edition with the highest possible quality paper, binding and printing and hard cover with soft touch lamination. It will include 220 of our most original and engaging images and it's considered the highest honour on 1x to be published in the book.

To participate, sign the agreement "Yearbook 2013 Agreement" in  "Account settings". You participate with all your photos uploaded in a resolution of 5 megapixels or higher. The sooner you upload and the more photos you upload in high resolution, the bigger are your chances to be published in the book. Upload in high resolution in the cog wheel below each photo in full size "Upload print version". Please upload in the original resolution from your camera (don't upsize or downsize) in .tiff format with LZW compression.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions. Let's make this the best 1x book ever.

Y como las envío solo hay que subirlas nada mas?
Uploaded a few foto's. Thanks
Uploaded mine a few days ago ! ;-)
Great, thanks a lot for participating in the book project!
Hi Ralf, It's not an easy task to upload in that size for many photos. May I suggest to upload once it's nominated/appointed? I think it's fair enough.
I understand how you feel, however, with a quite tight deadline it's very hard for us to organize this huge project with 220 participating photographers if we have to contact each photographer individually for each photo in the book, and from experience we know that some photographers won't answer in time, so uploading the high res files in advance makes the process much more easy for us, sorry about the extra trouble. Please upload 5-10 of your best and most popular photos in high res and we will select one.
Hope my pictures are big enough!
It should be at least 6 MP (3000x2000) otherwise we can't print it in good quality.
I sending my photos, when I find time. I don't have no problem. Thank you for every thing.
Great, thanks a lot!
ive upload mi first pic trough the option "upload print version" is that right? or ive upload the pic to the gallery Excuse my poor English
That's it, thanks a lot!
It does not accept tiff, only jpg ...
I had no problems with tif.
What is the lowest resolution allowed? I do not have all my photos available in the original resolution. Most of them are down scaled to ex. 2780x1853 or around that size. If you want the same size I will have to start editing all over again, which I can not do.
The lowest resolution allowed is 6 megapixels.
And what to do with the work of photo manipulation!? How to make them suitable to the requirements?!