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Weekly theme Past winners

History is not necessarily always repeating itself, but to understand our present time it never hurts to look at the past. This was yet another theme that allowed for multiple interpretations. Many chose to depict historic events and characters, while others referenced to past times more spiritually. The three winners who mastered their past most sucessfully were Didier Guibert, Julien Oncete and Þorsteinn H. Ingibergsson. Congratulations!

1st place, "Remenbrance (Film Kodak Tri X)" by Didier Guibert.

2nd place, by Julien Oncete.

3rd place, "Vespa" by Þorsteinn H. Ingibergsson.


By Lgs.

By Thierry Dufour.

By Wlianto.

By Samuel Málach.

By Roman Robroek.

By Herion Jean-Claude.

By Rui Ribeiro.

By Carla DLM.

By Waldemar Wienchol.

By Renáta Kuljovská.

By Gert Lavsen.

By Stan Majewski.