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1x is a curated photo gallery where every image have been handpicked for their high quality. With a membership, you can take part in the curation process and also try uploading your own best photos and see if they are good enough to make it all the way.
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1xWallpapers is out!


1x is proud to finally present 1xWallpapers. We have been working on this project for a long time and we are very happy to finally bring the result to you. This app is for you.

1xWallpapers brings the beauty of the 1x gallery straight to your iPhone screen.

Through 1xWallpapers you have the opportunity to reach out to an entirely new audience with your photography. You can also earn extra money by making your photos available for sale as 1xWallpapers.

We hope you will enjoy the app and would like to thank everyone involved, especially all you extraordinary photographers.

The app is available for download in several different languages here.

Two thoughts for the next update: (1) A search function, by keyword and artist name. (2) Your own photos should be free. :)
Yes, I was going to write exactly the same comments as Ben. Apart from these two things, it looks really nice :)
Good suggestions! It's very valuable for us to hear what you think about the app.
+1 for android ;)
If the app is successful there will definitely be an Android version!
Congratulations with the release of the app !!! Great ... Should be great if available for Android phones ;-) Cheers, Yvette
Hi 1x , Why not for android ?!!! :-(
Hi, Very nice. Will this become available for the i-Pad? Thanks, Phyllis
Hi Phyllis, The current version actually works on the iPad, the photos get upscaled though.
i quote leo loebs!
Will you extend the app to Android phones?
Hi Leo, We will hopefully have the resources to develop an Android version as well, if the app is successful. Good light, Ralf
Great application, looks good! is there a way to know which (if any) specific photographer photos are there?
Hi! Yes of course, the name of the photographers is presented above the photo.
I meant - can you search for specific photographer?
No, I'm afraid not in the present version.
Good work guys, I know this has been a very long time in the making. Just downloaded it. Thanks!
Hi Ben, Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy it!