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New award system!

Many members have asked for changes in the award system. We have after much consideration revamped the system and can now present the result. We have tried to make the new system more simplified and easier to understand. Here are the most important changes:

More points for commenting
1x is a community with unusually knowledgeable members and the level of discussion and commenting is generally very high. To encourage commenting, you will now receive 5 award points for each comment. This is a massive increase from the previous system and we hope that it will lead to more insightful comments from 1x photographers.

No need to update
Many members have asked for a system that automatically updates the individual award score. The award score will now be automatcially updated each day. 

Upload in HD for extra points
You will now receive more points for uploading your photo in HD and marking it for sale as fine art prints. Besides the extra points you will also have the chance to earn a substantial amount of money on your photography.

Here is the complete list for what grants award points:


Published photos                                      1000/each

Published photos for sale in HD              1000/each

Written photo comments last year                 5/each

Tutorials published                                   3000/each

Critique comments last year                       100/each


Plus member                                           10000/each

PRO member                                          20000/each

Unlimited member                                  30000/each

Crew member                                         20000/each


Curation votes last year                                   1/each

Curation comments last year                        10/each

Awarded curation comments last year      100/each

You can see your position in the new reward system hereWe hope that this new award system will be easier to comprehend and that it will make it even more rewarding to be part of the world's largest community for curated photography.


I have copied and pasted my comment that I left in the forum thread, as this seems to be the more active place to talk about this issue. Hi Ralf I think that when I wrote my previous email, I misunderstood the new award system. I am not in favour of > 1yr-old published photographs not being recognised in this. After all, each and every image that got the nod from the curators had quite a fight against the odds. Whether that happened more than 365 days ago should not really be a consideration. Each and every image that was published have contributed to the fabric of this website. I can think of plenty of members that worked very hard during the early years of 1X (then still Onexposure) who might not be present any more, however, whose work should still be recognised as contributors. A silly analogy that jumps to mind is to compare a multinational company that discriminates against chairman from yesteryear simply because their influence is historical, and does not affect current sales. Therefore their names and portraits are removed from the wall of honour. Another cliche that I unfortunately want to put forward is to 'never forget your roots'. I am all for recognition of current activity, however, as this is primarily a photographic website that wishes to announce itself as sublime, I do think that the visitor should have access to imagery as a primary consideration. It is all well to enthuse members to participate by clicking and commenting (without considering the value of comments) ..... but to elevate this activity above actually producing outstanding images might just swing tip balance in the favour of non-achievers v achievers. Another example of how this 'might' discriminate and hopefully not the case will be that someone out there might have developed illness in 2013, and subsequently been unable to take photographs. Yet, in spite of their maybe 60 publications, they will now have no points of recognition. That won't really be fair towards them I think. Anyhow - just wanted to amend my previous post here to qualify my statement. Regards, Andre
Well spoken, Andre. I fully agree with you.
I understand about promoting recent activity with critiques, comments, curation, etc, but I think the awards for published photos should reflect the total number for life rather than in the past year. Getting a photo published is a major event and often an excellent image in a portfolio remains there for many years if not for decades. Plus many have difficulty getting an image published and it would be a shame to ignore that achievement after 1 year. When the new award system was released, it reflected the total number of published photos, but yesterday it changed to within the past year and I think the way it was originally is more desirable.
How many fellow-photographers want to say about the "Award system": give it up such a system.....!? Maybe I am the first....!
I am with you Huib. Somehow this is a silly competition, especially since it shows results of a year ago.
One can become here the "winner" with no photo published........! Where are we talking about.......! ;)
It's not a competition at all, it's a way to encourage activity and reward contributions to the community, which means that there will be more comments on your photos, more beautiful photos published and more tutorials to read.
All right Ralf, however: I keep my critical thoughts despite....!
I am totaly agree with Susanne : why do you consider now ONLY last year criterais (like photo published) ? It mean that photo published before than 1 year are not taken account for the calcul of the points ! My global score was near 200 000 points before and now it's show 149 000 points ! Not very fair...
The idea is to encourage and promote recent activity in the community, so everyone gets more comments on their photos, more feedback in critique, more votes on their photos in curation and so on. The points have been adjusted for everyone and it's the same for everyone so you haven't really lost anything, it's just a global adjustment to promote recent activity more.
So with the new award system, people with 1 photo published this year has a better rank than a photographer with 100 photos published 3 years ago...
Like Greg and Guillaume I wonder what "last year" means. Moreover why not show the actual state? I also wonder why the system states that my published photos are not in HD, while they are.
Thanks to everyone who worked on this for the update, it is hugely improved. Though I have to agree with Susanne here on the "published in HD" issue here. I was surprised to see I had 0p from that even though under the cog wheel on each photo they state a print file has been uploaded. I tried uploading the print files for each again to see if it changes anything on tomorrow's update. I hope this helps solve any bug issues. Points aren't important to me but I do want to see everything working properly :) Also scratching my head about the 'last year' aspect. Anyway, positive update overall for sure. Thanks again.
Hi Susanne, "Last year" means the number of points accumulated 365 days back from the current date.
Ben and Susanne, It took some time before the points for published HD photos were added, but it's there now. If you enter your achievement page you should see that you have received points for your HD photos.
Thanks for getting back to us so quickly Thomas. Yes I recieved points for two of them. Maybe the others are not enough pixels to qualify for HD. That's ok.
Thank you, Thomas for your prompt answer and action. I still wonder why you see your points up to a year ago.
Hi Susanne, the idea is to encourage more activity in our community, everything is a lot more fun with more comments, more votes, more critique and so on.
Hi Ralf, Of course I understand the idea, but I still wonder why the accumulation of the points stops at 365 days ago and isn't updated until yesterday. It would be nice for new and active members to see their rewards sooner.
I didn't read the "last year" answer correctly. So sorry!
Does the "last year" reflect the last 365 days from the current day?
Hi Greg, Yes, that is correct.
Could you please explain why we have now a 'last year' view ?
The "last year" number measures how many points you have gathered in that category since a year back.
What is the meaning of last year measuring or purpose of it? No one gathers points in the past. Everyone here would like present situation, even Real Madrid or Juventus.