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Weekly theme Eye winners

They say that the eye the window to the soul. If that statement is true, then this round of the weekly theme was packed with soul full images. It's perhaps easy to believe that a theme like this would consist of portait photos only, but that would be to underestimate the creativity of the 1x photographers.  Some found eyes on buildings or cars, while others turned their heads toward the animal kingdom. The three winners, who will have a lot of eyes gazed upon them, are Isabel Guzman, Susanne Stoop and C.S.Tjandra. Congratulations!

1st place, "In the eye of the wave" by Isabel Guzman.

2nd place, "A lady's eye" by Susanne Stoop.

3rd place, "Eye" by C.S. Tjandra.


By Frank Dalemans.

By Thierry Dufour.

By Aida Ianeva.

By bertrand kulik.

By Massimo Della Latta.

By Wilianto.

By FJoão.

By Alexlky.

By Branislav Brzula.

By Arnd Gottschalk.

By John Wilhelm.

By Luca Bracci.