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New front page!

Welcome to the new 1x front page!

1x is all about gathering the finest photos on the Internet and giving them and their creators the recognition they deserve. To do this more efficiently, we have now remade our front page, showing no less than 30 photos in each category. This will give all featured photographers more time in the spotlight. It will also be more obvious what you are looking at, since only one category is shown at one time.

So what do you need to do to have your photo featured on the front page? Depending on the category, there are different requirements. This is how it works;

These are the most popular photos right now. To have your photo featured here, your photo should have a high number of comments and favourites during the last 24 hours.

LATEST: These are the photos published most recently.

AWARDED: These photos are especially selected by the 1x curators. Here you'll find the cream of the crop.

TUTORIALS: These are the latest tutorials from 1xLearning.

We hope these changes will help increase the recognition of all wonderful 1x photographers and their astounding work.


is VERY unconvenient , that BANNER over the top page, for looking at photos, especially by ´curation´, dont like it!!
I like the new front page design. Congratulations, well done! Apart from that I agree with Giovanni. I would prefer the "latest" photos on the opening page. It would bring more varity and change...
I thought that every photo selected by 1x deserved to be on the 'front page'... Shouldn't then 'latest' be the default opening page for whoever visits the website?
Looks great, well done. For those who want to see the latest photos first, they can use a "" to enter 1x.
I don't really like it very much. It forces me to click on my favourite category <latest> every time I load the site (and I point to 1x lots of times during a day). Is not there any possibility to personalise the main page so that I can choosethe category being showed at first, one time for ever? I would appreciate this feature greatly.....
Looks good, a much better design.