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Did you know that there are 11 People's Choice awards in 1x photo awards and an overall People's Choice award of 1000$?

To maximize your chances of winning, share your photos and gain a lot more votes. We have made a page with share buttons to all major social networks and also direct links to your photos that you can send in emails or post directly on social networks like facebook or twitter or other sites.

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It's very easy to participate in the competition, just go to the Awards page here. It's soon only 1 month left to enter the competiton and have the chance to win one of the 24 prizes. The grand prize is $2500 and the total prize value is over $9000! Participaing in the competition is a lot fun and also a great way to support our community.

I would hope that the better photos got more votes and the winning pictures didn't achieve their fame just because those photographers asked more people to vote for them. Completely agree with Paco.
Another aspect of this is that the judge select the people's choice award winners from the top 10 voted photos in each category, so it's not just the vote that will decide but also the judge. The winning pictures in People's Choice will be an interesting mix of the highest voted and also the choice of the judge.
With all due respect, and Ralf knows I have a lot of respect for what he and Jacob have founded, I am very sad about this kind of posts. To me 1X "trademark" is its' curation system that happily ignores how many friends you have on facebook or such. Now with so many "people's choice awards" ("contacts competition" I call it) and awards and all, I feel this is going the wrong way. Hope it won't go too far that way. Cheers. Paco.
I understand you concern, but actually there are 13 non-people's choice awards and 11 people's choice awards, so I think it's a good balance. It's the same as previous years.
Great idea but people I am sharing the link with tell me they have to join 1X to vote. Not cool!
It's so we can keep track that the same person does not vote twice. It's very easy to log in with Facebook if they have that.