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Be published in 1x yearbook 2015

We are very proud of our 1x yearbooks. They feature some of the very best photos right now. They would however be nothing if it weren't for all you incredible photographers.

We will soon start the work with the next 1x yearbook for 2015. This year, we want to give all selected photographers the opportunity to make extra money by selling prints of the photos in the book. This is a great chance to be part of a very prestigious publication which will be spread all across the world, circulated to galleries, art agencies and magazines, and to gain global recognition for your photography and prints.

If you want to be published in the book, you need to do three things:

- Make sure to sign the agreement in "Account settings".

- Make your photos available as prints by clicking the button "for sale" in the photo directory.

- Make sure that the photos are uploaded in their original resolution from camera. You can upload a print version of a previously uploaded photo by clicking on the cogwheel on the photo page and selecting "Upload print version". You can also do this through the photo directory.

Only photos uploaded in HD and available as prints have the chance to be published. Both color and B/W photos are accepted for the book this year.

The sooner you sign the agreement and make your photos available for the book, the bigger is the chance to be included.

Sign the agreement here.

Make photos available as prints here.